Our Code of Conduct = Our Integrity

Our Code of Conduct = Our Integrity


In the business world, the Code of Conduct is already an integral part of many corporate philosophies. But what does it exactly mean? By definition, this code can be applied in a wide variety of environments and contexts. For example, at PALFINGER, this means that, as a global company, we ensure that our behavior is guided by the same ethics in all markets.

In order to define this behavior in detail, in 2010 we established a Code of Conduct in the company. 10 principles guide PALFINGER’s corporate actions. Besides human rights, labour rights and environmental protection, the topic of fighting corruption is not neglected. With the Code of Conduct, we at PALFINGER see the possibility to actively raise our integrity. We can guarantee this with a certain behaviour within as well as outside our company.

PALFINGER’s Code of Conduct is not only a written word. Our employees, suppliers, dealers and business partners are also asked to act accordingly. They are guided by the following principles:

Human rights

  • Prohibition of child labour
  • Free choice of employment
  • Prohibition of discrimination
  • Freedom of association
  • Health and safety


  • Environmental responsibility
  • Green production
  • Green products

Business ethics

  • Anti-corruption measures
  • Gifts, hospitality services, invitations


The Code of Conduct is a major concern for our new CEO Andreas Klauser.

„We must ensure that our activities in all markets are conducted according to the same code of ethics. These principles contribute raising our integrity, consequently our competitive opportunities. Since 2010, PALFINGERs Code of Conduct provides essential support in this area. Together we shape our future in a successful and ethical correct manner!“



Would you like to learn more about PALFINGER’s Code of Conduct? Then take a look at our explanatory video created for this purpose. In just 5 minutes you will gain an insight into PALFINGER’s self-imposed behaviours.

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