Get to know our employees: Alice Vignoli, Accountant, Italy

Get to know our employees: Alice Vignoli, Accountant, Italy

The PALFINGER gru idrauliche s.r.l. has its headquarter in Cadelbosco di Sopra, and has been manufacturing truck mounted cranes since 1996 for PALFINGER AG. The main focus here is production and assembly of 1.5mt to 12mt cranes. One of about 70 employees that work there is Alice Vignoli.

Get to know her by reading her article below.

Name: Alice Vignoli
Location: Cadelbosco di Sopra – Italy
Job title: Accountant
Part of the PALFINGER group since: year 2001

About me:

Hi, I’m Alice Vignoli and I’m 35 years old. I live in Parma with my husband Marco.

I like travelling, speaking foreign languages and visiting new places. Usually, I spend my leisure time taking walks in the nature, birdwatching and I also do voluntary work.

My tasks and professional career:

I am working in the accounting department since September 2001 and I am responsible for our foreign suppliers.

When I finished my studies, I started to work for PALFINGER and I have grown up here since then. During these 15 years, I’ve learned different things and I still try to always improve my work.

I think patience and being able to do things in order are the most important skills that are needed in the accounting department. Calculations, payments and bookings must be done without hurry and checked many times.

Why I chose PALFINGER as an employer:

I like that I am able to work independently, but at the same time I am part of a small team of colleagues in my office. Every person does a piece and at the end of the year, we can see our work in the settlement of the balance for example. I like working here, because PALFINGER Group never stops to improve every department and is a company, where young people are appreciated.

An insight in the location Cadelbosco di Sopra:

I work in an office on the first floor. As the office is getting a little too small for my colleagues and me, the direction decided to extend the area.

Here, we feel like a big family. For this reason and to keep that alive, we have organized the PALFINGER Day to show our families where we work and introduce our colleagues to them. It was a great moment for all of us, thanks to a sunny day and a great organisation of the Event.

We have also organised a dinner on 1st July on the company grounds with grilled meat, music and beers. During the work day we often don’t have time to speak that much about our personal lives and this event was created to share some quality time together.


Company building Cadelbosco di Sopra

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