Asian Leadership Program 2015

Asian Leadership Program 2015

LEARNING is one of our core values at PALFINGER – so we put a big emphasis on supporting our employees and future leaders in their personal and professional development in order that they can discover their full potential. The Asian Leadership Program 2015 was an excellent opportunity to make this visible to the max!

At PALFINGER we are ENTREPRENEURS – so it would not be enough for us to talk about leadership theories – according to our hands on mentality we shaped a lot of different challenging exercises where we could try out our skills immediately – the ultimate fireproof check for the participants, if the learnings have been internalized

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At the end of the day it was a great experience to see how people from different departments, countries, cultures worked together towards a common goal and proved to live our third core value RESPECT.

The whole team showed such a great effort and talent, that we just had to give the program  an additional name:  ALP, attitude leverages Performance!

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