25 Years AMREF – PALFINGER For Africa

25 Years AMREF – PALFINGER For Africa

For 25 years now, PALFINGER has been supporting the non-profit organization AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation). By doing so we make a valuable contribution to a sustainable and long-term improvement in the life situation of disadvantaged people in Africa.

AMREF and its mission

AMREF is the largest, politically independent African aid organization in the medical field and has been operating for more than 5 decades. The stated objective is to improve the health status of disadvantaged people in Africa, to reduce poverty and to sustainably improve the quality of life. With its work AMREF reaches about 30 million people every year.

Thereby, AMREF works in close cooperation with African communities. The local people are involved in the planning as well as in the implementation of the Projects, too. This thus ensures that people take responsibility for their health care and that the improvements are sustainable. In addition, the medical infrastructure is improved by medical education and training.

To find out even more about AMREF visit: www.amref.at.

Project support by PALFINGER

The Palfinger family and PALFINGER AG have been supporting the AMREF projects since 1992. The promotion of PALFINGER allows a sustainable and long-term improvement of the living conditions of ten thousands of people.

Following you will therefore find a small excerpt from previously supported projects:

Medical education and training

In Ethiopia, medical education and training were offered with the help of PALFINGER. Furthermore, e-learning and computer courses in Nairobi and Kenya were supported and computers were provided by us.

Outreach programs

PALFINGER also financially supported the possibility that AMREF, in cooperation with the “flying doctors”, could get access to bush hospitals in order to provide patients with medical care, especially with medication.

AMREF library

Another project is the AMREF Library in Nairobi, which houses a medical specialist library. There, medical students and medical staff can use the specialist media library and modern IT technologies.

Clinical Officers

Additionally in Southern Sudan, PALFINGER sponsored a project that educates “clinical officers” as well as medical assistants.

Picture © AMREF Austria

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