85 years of PALFINGER – a fascinating company history

85 years of PALFINGER – a fascinating company history

PALFINGER has had a long and successful history, 85 years to be precise. What started as a small metalworking shop in 1932 evolved into an internationally active company. From 8 employees and a revenue of 100,000 euros, we grew into a strong company with a workforce of 10,000 and a revenue of 1.3 billion euros

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. The revenue has increased nearly sevenfold since the initial public offering in 1999. And the stock market value has more than sevenfold. We are now worth almost 1.5 billion euros.

35 acquisitions and joint ventures, diversification and internationalization are just some of the buzzwords that characterize the past 20 years. PALFINGER developed from a small player into a global champion, into the world market leader in our sector. And in order to remain that way, we must and continue to develop. Digitalization or networking our products, and smart products are currently addressing. Process optimization and customer proximity therefore wants to make successful in the future.

A lot has happened in the past 85 years, and we do not expect to be bored in the next 85 years. And I am certain that PALFINGER wants to be around 85 years from now.

Every one of us can be proud of his or her contribution! For without the motivated and dedicated efforts of each individual, PALFINGER could never have developed into such a successful company!

Pioneer Phase (1932 – 1964)

Family Palfinger

Richard Palfinger opens a metalworking and repair shop for agricultural trailers, dumpers, and vehicle bodies.

The late 50s are characterized by an enormous economic upswing. In addition to various specialty agricultural equipment, Richard Palfinger builds the first crane.

Hubert Palfinger, Richard’s son, lays the foundation stone for a new area by specializing in hydraulic truck-mounted loader cranes.

Crane Age (1968-1992)

The first lifting tool (1959)

The Expansion of the Business into the Pacific Area opens up new markets. Numerous patents revolutionize the loader crane.

EPSILON Timber & Recycling Cranes expand the product range.

PALFINGER RAILWAY specialty solutions are used for the first time in railroad companies.

Repositioning (1996-2007)

PALFINGER Loader Crane (1995)

PALFINGER goes public in June. Another milestone in the company history.

Acquisition of:

  • 1999: Guima S.A. (hookloaders)
  • 2001: Tiffin Loader Cranes and founding of PALFINGER USA, Inc.; Madal S.A. and founding of Madal PALFINGER S.A.
  • 2004: Bison (truck-mounted access platforms)
  • 2005: RATCLIFF (tail lifts and passenger lifts)
  • 2007: MBB Liftsystems AG (truck-mounted access platforms)

PALFINGER accepts responsibility and shows its sustainable development by publishing the first Sustainability Report.

Internationalization (since 2008)


With the PK 50002-EH, PALFINGER presents the first representative of the new high performance large cranes. The new hexagonal tube production plant opens in Lengau.

Acquisition of:

  • 2008: ELEVANT division of WUMAG GmbH (truck-mounted access platforms)
  • 2008: Omaha Standards Inc. (truck bodies and pickup tail lifts)
  • 2009: Automated Waste Equipment (container handling systems)
  • 2010: Palfinger systems GmbH (cranes for offshore wind power plants); ETI (Access platform manufacturers); Ned-Deck Marine B.V. (ship-mounted cranes)
  • 2011: INMAN (crane manufacturer)
  • 2014: PM Group
  • 2015: Joint Ventures with KAMAZ
  • 2015: PALFINGER Norwegian Deck Machinery AS (winches for the marine and offshore industry)

PALFINGER secures its position on the world market for the coming decade through the joint ventures with SANY, the largest Chinese manufacturer of construction Equipment.

The PALFINGER Group receives the largest order in the company’s history for the Marine area, the value of which is equivalent to ca. 90 million euros.

As a leader in the sustainability area, PALFINGER publishes its first integrated business report, which covers not only economic development but also ecological and social aspects in the PALFINGER Group.

The greatest acquisition in the company’s history is made. Harding, the leading provider of rescue equipment and life cycle services for maritime facilities and ships, is acquired as a milestone in the accelerated expansion of marine activities.

More information on PALFINGER’s long history can be found here:


Pictures from 85 years of PALFINGER

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