A Global Player: PALFINGER as a driver of innovations

What does PALFINGER stand for? It is difficult to describe a global player in just a few words. The new corporate video therefore uses powerful images to illustrate what the international company stands for.

One thing is clear – global strength combined with regional flexibility distinguishes PALFINGER as a reliable partner that always focuses on its customers. As a driver of innovation, PALFINGER has combined digitalization and Industry 4.0 to consolidate its leading position and further accentuate its profile as an integral service provider for lifting solutions.

Palfinger is focusing on added value for its customers

How has a global player like PALFINGER achieved this? By focusing on added value for customers with every innovation and every phase of development. More convenience, more support, more efficiency and even more safety. PALFINGER also stands for not resting on its laurels, but maintaining unwavering dedication to research and development. It is always trying to be a little bit better than before. This constant striving for more is ultimately what makes all the difference, and is very much appreciated by PALFINGER customers.

Lifting solutions of the future

To live up to its claim to be a driver of innovation, a new division – PALFINGER 21st – has even been created to deal specifically with new ideas and innovations. The aim of this division is to find answers to questions such as ‘What will the lifting solution of the future look like?’ and ‘What technology will be in our products of tomorrow?’. With StrucInspect, the future laboratory has already succeeded in implementing a promising project.

From South America to Asia, PALFINGER’s global strength and innovative prowess is evident as tangible added value at a local level by customers all over the world.

Find out for yourself!

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