Because we value diversity

Because we value diversity

Diversity means appreciating and encouraging differences. Every woman at PALFINGER is an important attribute to our team. I’m not just saying this in aid of International Women’s Day, which took place yesterday on March 8, although I do see it as an opportunity to pay tribute once again, in no uncertain terms, to all the strong women that passionately support our company.

International Women’s Day is not just about women; gender equality is not a one-sided issue. It is an issue that concerns our entire workforce and all aspects of our international company. Actively fostering individual talent gives birth to innovative, fresh ideas

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. We specifically focus our efforts on creating a corporate culture that provides and inspires tolerance, respect and equal opportunities. We are aiming to further enhance diversity within our company by 2022 thanks to newly defined objectives and initiatives involving the diversity concept. Of course, this also includes taking efficient steps to encourage more women to put their abilities to the test in technical professions.

Female apprentices on the rise

There is currently a considerable gender imbalance in a great many job profiles. Our technical industry is still male-dominated. On this note, we are particularly proud of the steadily growing number of young women who are undertaking an apprenticeship at PALFINGER. These motivated women already account for a third of our apprenticeship places, which gives us great promise for the future.

Sexism, discrimination and racism are not tolerated whatsoever at PALFINGER . How suitable a person is for a particular job depends on their passion and dedication, and has absolutely nothing to do with their gender. That is my firm belief.

We want to empower women to continue doing a fantastic job, not get discouraged, be courageous, take risks, stand up for their rights and values, and believe in themselves! We will pursue this aim together because it is the only way to accomplish something of this scale!

– PALFINGER CEO, Andreas Klauser

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