Special demands need special solutions

Agtrans ltd. has taken delivery of four PALFINGER Box-Mounted Forklifts to assist their daily business. The company, based in Hawera, New Zealand, specialises in equipment transport and lifting operations. To keep pace with the growing business and the consequent rise of transported and delivered materials in the South Taranaki area, Agtrans is using a fleet of specialized vehicles and is now gladly able to call four more PALFINGER BMs their own.

Among other services, the company provides oversize loads, riggers, man-cages as well as silo and vessel transport. The PALFINGER box-mounted (BM) forklifts provide the ideal solution for many of those special tasks. BMs offer optimum maneuverability, safety and longevity as well as a high level of operator-friendliness.

First choice in all aspects

“We had been looking at a number of different truck-mounted forklift brands to expand the range of specialist transport and delivery services we could offer, but when Rod Coombs, from the Gough Group, showed us the PALFINGER BM, we were convinced almost immediately,” said company owner CJ Mahony. “We initially bought one unit to see how well it worked and have now added four more to the fleet.”

Since the remote-control operated BM214 Forklifts can access underground delivery locations or buildings with low headroom, Agtrans adds another string to their bow. “Sometimes there is very limited space or access to the locations we are asked to deliver to, even for our truck-mounted cranes,” said CJ Mahony, “but the PALFINGER BMs have been a revelation: testament to the ease of operation of the trucks and the visibility they offer the drivers. Operators can walk around the machine while operating it to avoid obstacles and the all-wheel drive ensures that rough or uneven terrain is no problem.”

Providing assistance when it’s needed

It’s a busy time for Agtrans. The arrival of the latest ordered PALFINGER BMs coincided with a contract to deliver a three-ton tank to an underground storage facility, which could not be accessed with conventional materials handling equipment. Due to the size and weight of the tank, it took two BMs working in tandem to maneuver the tank into the right position. “Without the BMs, I’m not sure how we could have got the job done,” said Mr. Mahony after the job was successfully fulfilled.

Stowed safely and always at hand

The machines are capable of handling loads up to 2,100 kg with a lifting height of 2,850 mm. The BM’s articulated design enables it to maneuver easily in tight spaces, while the 24-HP diesel engine ensures that ramps or rough terrain are no problem. The BMs are transported to site on the back of flat-bed trucks, where they can then be off-loaded using a truck-mounted crane or ramps. They are ready for work in just a couple of minutes

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. The units can also be transported in a specially designed box, which is mounted under the chassis of a semi-trailer. This means that no load space is lost and the BM is protected from adverse weather or theft. Moreover, it provides the ideal weight distribution when the trailer is empty at the end of the day. The door on the transport box doubles up as a ramp, whjich means that the unit can be removed and prepared for work in less than one minute.

Worth knowing

The BM is designed and built at PALFINGER’s factory in Austria and is the result of more than 25 years of experience in a wide range of applications such as building material handling, agricultural supply, industrial gas transport and recycling. Specialised versions of the unit have also been deployed by emergency and disaster relief agencies, where the remote-control function helps to enhance operator safety.

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