Digital solutions bring added value for customers

Digital solutions bring added value for customers

Digitalization is the hot topic of the moment. At bauma 2019, PALFINGER showcased a range of products demonstrating the transformation that awaits us behind this trend. Digitalization ultimately delivers the agility and connectivity we need today to develop and provide solutions in close customer proximity.

‘Already Connected to the Future’ was the strapline for this year’s appearance at the trade fair. This strapline demonstrates that PALFINGER already has one foot in the future – or, in other words, that the future has already arrived in the present day and is tangible for our customers in the form of products that are easier than ever to handle (Smart Boom Control, Operator Monitor), more efficient (Fleet Monitor, instructable) and safer (Intelligent Loading Assist) and help to maximise service support (Smart Eye).

This demonstrates how, in the course of digitalization, PALFINGER lifting solutions are increasingly becoming connected solutions – intelligent assistance and steering solutions that generate the wow factor by also pooling and bundling myriad data, technologies and concepts.

Easier to handle
This quality was showcased at bauma 2019 by the Operator Monitor mobile telematics app, which supports crane operators in their daily work by not only providing maintenance checklists, but also visualizing the safe working radius of the crane while considering the load to be lifted and the stabilizer position

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. Another product designed to enhance user-friendliness is the digital Smart Boom Control boom tip controller, which enables crane operators to initiate linear movement by using only one operating lever, while PALTRONIC is calculating the necessary movement combination.

Greater efficiency
As demonstrated at bauma 2019 with Fleet Monitor, a connectivity solution that gives fleet managers an overview of operating data and the maintenance condition of all the machines used. Greater efficiency is also achieved thanks to the instructable mobile app, which simplifies the rental of access platforms for operators and suppliers, making the whole process much more efficient.

This quality was showcased at bauma 2019 with Intelligent Loading Assist, whereby the sensors of a 3D camera with integrated object detection open up new possibilities for the PAD-Touch controller in the PALFINGER hookloader and so help to enhance both operating safety and efficiency during the handling of returnable containers.

Enhanced service support
As demonstrated at bauma 2019 with Smart Eye, the robust and intelligent data glasses that allow service technicians to connect to HQ in real time to diagnose faults accurately and carry out repairs with the help of augmented reality.

The video below showcases some of these “connected” solutions that leverage the intelligent connectivity of data and technologies to create solutions that make using and maintaining PALFINGER products easier to plan and control – and ultimately greatly enhancing operating time and product service life.

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