Directly to your doorstep – with the palfinger truck mounted forklift

Directly to your doorstep – with the palfinger truck mounted forklift

Swedish transport company Mjolby Transport Handel & Service (MTHS) delivers pallets of animal feed and fertilizers to a diverse range of customers, including farmers and forestry. All of them require reliable, on-time deliveries – exactly where they are needed. This is why MTHS has decided to get a PALFINGER F3 253 GT-S Truck Mounted Forklift that it is using to distribute agricultural products throughout the southern half of Sweden.

A Truck Mounted Forklift (TMF) means complete independence for the operator, as additional unloading devices are not required. PALFINGER TMFs offer safety and longevity as well as a high level of operator comfort and optimum manoeuvrability. That’s why MTHS is now operating an F3 253 GT-S to meet its everyday agriculture challenges.

The perfect answer to everyday agriculture challenges

The Truck Mounted Forklift provides a reliable solution for challenges in daily farming work. Its all-wheel drive enables it to work on rough or muddy terrain. It can access yards or buildings that wouldn’t be accessible with a truck or trailer. It can easily be dismounted from the truck or trailer in less than one minute. This also guarantees a quick turnaround and a high level of productivity, which is needed for on-time deliveries. Another benefit is the truck’s 180-degree steering angle, which makes it highly manoeuvrable, and able to work in extremely confined spaces. Additionally, the TMF is fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Punctual deliveries – a key for customer satisfaction

Safely delivered products and comprehensive customer service are absolute priorities for MTHS. The addition of the new PALFINGER forklift to their fleet will fulfil this commitment.

“Our customers rely on getting punctual deliveries, and the PALFINGER TMF is a vital partner that enables us to set down goods safely ‘on the customers’ doorstep’. They also appreciate the fact that they don’t have to provide their own machines or manpower for the offloading process.” says company owner Marcus Djerwingbrant, who adds: “Having our own Truck Mounted Forklift means I can keep to a tight schedule that can include as many as 10-15 deliveries in one shift.”

Centrally positioned driver’s seat for 360° all-round visibility

The PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift that  MTHS has is the latest generation F3 253 GT-S model, which benefits from a low net weight of just 2,200 kg, a load capacity of 2,500 kg and a lifting height of up to 3,100 mm. TMFs are low maintenance and powered by a fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly 4-cylinder diesel engine.

The centrally positioned driver’s seat is a unique PALFINGER feature, that, together with the clear view mast, offers 360° all-round visibility. This provides the operator the best possible visibility and offers both comfort and added load-handling safety. MTHS also chose the option of ‘ground-controls’, which makes mounting and dismounting faster and safer as the operator does not have to climb on and off the machines several times during the process. LED lights and customised paintwork were also included in the specification.

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