DIVÖRSITY at PALFINGER – It is worth being diverse

DIVÖRSITY at PALFINGER – It is worth being diverse

Divörsity – bad typo? Not quite. It is a play of words combining the Ö for “Österreich” (Austria) and “diversity”. By this name the Austrian Diversity Days of 2019 take place. It is all about diversity and added value. We take the opportunity to raise awareness for this hugely important topic and focus on it. We are also present at the Diversity Congress talking about innovation and diversity.


It comes in various ways. It is just as well about empowering females in top management positions as it is about the synergies of different cultures and skill sets working together. At the base of it all there is a simple yet meaningful statement: Diversity is a plus, an advantage, a strength for companies, societies and individuals.

Need an example? There you go: Older and younger colleagues working together is an educational experience for both parties. While expertise is required to solve problems and drive innovation, it is the dynamic spirit and fresh approaches of the young guns that open our eyes to new ways of doing what we do. Using synergies of the veterans and the rookies tackling the same challenge thus makes for amazing results and an exciting power.

„Education is a two-way street“ Michelle Salcher of the PALFINGER Product Management Crane states, also thinking beyond job routines: „Younger ones are often more open about different cultures, religions or even sexual orientation“. It is thus also about individual development.

Nevertheless, we must not forget about the challenges that come with trying to unite diverse individuals. But this again drives exchange and exposure to the new and unknown. That is a good thing since it broadens your horizon provided that one is open to this and can keep oneself from stereotype thinking.

„If everybody is working a little bit on overcoming stereotype thinking then neither gender,
nor age or nationality play any role in successful team working.”
Anna Firsova (PALFINGER Product Management Crane)


ONE PALFINGER – ONE COMPANY: People from more than 70 different nations are working for PALFINGER all over the world. Men and women, young and old. This is a potential at our hands and we strive to make it an advantage.

“The challenge is to get those diverse skills working together.”
Joseph O’Brien (PALFINGER Dealer Manager EMEA)

Dialogue is a crucial step in order to get this done. Therefore, we adopted English as our corporate language. This enables us to be up to date on the latest topics and aspects shaking the world just as well as individual local markets and how to deal with them. By this, we can ensure entrepreneurship. In addition to this, we create space for new learning experiences. This creates mutual respect. Reading this carefully you might have noticed three familiar terms: entrepreneurship, learning, respect – the three pillars of our PALFINGER corporate culture. And there is another statement hiding in the words: “We value people. People create value.“ A crucial condition in order to make diversity a plus.

In a diversity concept from 2017 we stated two goals to enforce diversity at PALFINGER by 2022:

A share of 20% of
at the headquarters in Austria

An equal share of
and women in the overall company

In order for this to work we need measures. This is why PALFINGER provides family-friendly conditions by offering parental leave and flexible working concepts. By seeking to enhance the share of women in talent and recruiting pool as well as approaching them at job fairs we encourage women to claim top management positions at PALFINGER. However, we do not settle on these efforts and strive to come up with further measures.

We are convinced that a diverse working environment adds tremendous value to PALFINGER and we want to spread the word. In the exciting video following these words you will see some of our colleagues sharing their thoughts on and experiences with diversity beyond the citations in this article. Enjoy!

We drive positive impAct!
Together we are shaping the future – PALFINGER

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  1. In my opinion diversity should more be focused on internal characteristics and qualities like diverse mindsets, experience, skills, mentalities, perspectives and approach for problem solving and less on stereotypes, external visual characteristics or categories like gender, age, nationalities, classes etc.

    • Hello Raimund!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this article.
      Indeed you made valid point here. All in all diversity is about diverse mindsets, skills and characters rather than about social or external categories. The article emphasizes on this by stating that diversity “is about the synergies of different cultures and skill sets working together”. This is underlined by the citations talking about the need to overcome stereotype thinking and the challenge to get these diverse skills to walk the same route respectively.

      Yet, in order to enforce diversity and manage it within a corporate context, it requires goals to be set. This in turn leads to a translation of diverse skills and mindsets into representative indicators we can measure and monitor. Currently, such indicators come in the shape of gender, nationality and age as it is common practice within this context. While we use them to measure progress and set up goals, the actual purpose is to gather what you correctly pointed out as diverse internal characteristics.

      Since we highly appreciate input on this topic we would like to suggest you get in touch with us via Socialmedia@palfinger.com.

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