PK 8.501 SLD 1 / PK 9.001 SLD3 / PK 8.501 SLD 3 / PK 9.501 SLD 5

PK 11.001 SLD 1 / PK 12.001 SLD3 / PK 11.001 SLD 3 / PK 12.501 SLD 5


Load transport for road maintenance depots or municipal applications: simple loading tasks require not a special crane, but simple, strong, robust equipment – like PALFINGER’s SOLID range.

In terms of the technology, the SLD crane series emphasises a proven high level of quality while its positioning promises an optimum price-performance ratio. The right attachment turns the crane into a multi-functional machine.

The introduction of the new models means that PALFINGER now supplies a complete SOLID series from 5 to 12 mt. Combined with our series overhaul, it’s more than just a facelift. The new cranes have a greater lifting capacity than their predecessor models but with the same dead weight.

All models are equipped with an linkage system between the main boom and knuckle boom that creates more power on the hook, thus expanding the range of application. The conventional extension boom system with up to four hydraulic extensions ensures a wide range of applications and good reach.

In addition, SOLID models have the proven CDP (cathodic dip painting) long-term surface protection and the boom system extension speed is increased by the High Speed Extension and the return oil utilisation. The return oil utilisation system uses a load holding valve to divert the oil from the piston rod end to the pressure line instead of the tank.


The PK 9.001 SLD 3 and PK 12.001 SLD 3 are manually controlled cranes with Paltronic and a hydraulic HPLS solution for use in non-CE markets.

The PK 8.501 SLD 1 and PK 11.001 SLD 1 are the non-CE entry-level models; the basic version is designed without overload protection. Optional electro-hydraulic overload protection and top seat control are available separately.

The basic versions of the PK 8.501 SLD 3 and PK 11.001 SLD 3 are supplied with Paltronic overload protection and manual control
. An optional 1.5 t cable winch on the knuckle boom is available separately

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Of the three SOLID models, the PK 9.501 SLD 5 and PK 12.501 SLD 5 are top-of-the-range, supplied with Paltronic, E-HPLS, remote control and a load-sensing control valve. E-HPLS reduces the crane’s working speed where required, increasing lifting power at the same time.

SLD 3 and SLD 5 models are available in non-CE and CE versions.

SOLID models can be fitted with the new HPSC-E high performance stability control system and 180° tiltable hydraulic stabiliser rams.

Further Information can be found on www.palfinger.com.

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