Get to know our employees: Tanja Angelova Valtscheva, Dispatcher, Bulgaria

Get to know our employees: Tanja Angelova Valtscheva, Dispatcher, Bulgaria

Get an insight in our business location Cherven Brijag (Bulgaria) by reading our employee Tanja’s article below.

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Name:                                                           Tanja Angelova Valtscheva
Location:                                                      PPT CB
Job title:                                                       Dispatcher
Part of the PALFINGER Group since:       year 2001

About me:

I am 33 years old, married and have two kids. My family and my job are the most important things for me and the reason for me to feel valuable and happy. I live and work in Cherven Brijag, the town that I grew up in. I like the small town a lot, but the thing I like most is the development opportunities that I have here in this company. Thanks to PALFINGER and some other companies, our small town has come to life.

My tasks:

I am a Dispatcher for offset boxes. The whole process from the order to the finished product is checked and controlled by me. My working day starts with a walk through the production hall to control the working process. Afterwards we take a look at the daily work schedule, prepare the production parts and divide them into boxes. The work is divided in three shifts. It is a successful day, when all planned articles are ready for shipment.

What is important in my job:

You have to be responsible, resistant and patient to do this job and the most important thing is to be able to work in teams. I am very lucky to work together with such a great team, as the cooperation of the team is an important factor for efficient work.

Why I chose PALFINGER as an employer:

In the year 2001, when I started working here, PALFINGER was probably the only functioning company in our town. I don’t ever regret working here, because the company has given me the possibility to develop myself. I started as a hygienist at PALFINGER and after a while I got the possibility to develop further professionally and become a dispatcher.

My best/proudest moment at PALFINGER:

The best moment for me was when the former management put trust in me and promoted me to the dispatcher position. It was an unforgettable moment and I still remember the excitement I felt.

I had lots of nice moments in this company. One of them was the family summer party in the village Resseletz, where all employees were celebrating together with their families. The possibility to get to know new people was great, especially the families of my colleagues.

It was an unforgettable moment, when there was a real PALFINGER platform present on one of these parties. Every child was excited of the possibility to see how the production works and to see the workplace of their parents. Maybe these kids will also become PALFINGER employees in the future.

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