How sustainable is PALFINGER?

How sustainable is PALFINGER?

This question is also posed by PALFINGER itself. Therefore, the company takes part in sustainability ratings ever year, with the aim to obtain external opinions. In 2017, PALFINGER has once again participated in the sustainability rankings of VÖNIX and CDP to get an assessment for the social and ecological activities and performance from an independent external agency.

VÖNIX-Rating: B+

VÖNIX, existing since 2005, is a sustainability benchmark of the Austrian stock market. Participating companies are rated regarding their social and ecological engagement. Those companies which get a very high rating or compared to their sector a good rating get a membership in the VÖNIX. PALFINGER has been a member since its foundation. Further information about VÖNIX can be found on their website

PALFINGER has reached a B+ in 2017. The comprehensive and explicit principals and strategies regarding ethics, CSR and stakeholder orientation were positively highlighted in the rating. Compared to last year, PALFINGER was downgraded by one level. Reasoned was this by the increased engagement in the marine business

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. The marine business is partially a highly sensitive area from the perspective of sustainability. Even though PALFINGER has intensified its operating activities in sensitive areas, the VÖNIX membership is a confirmation for PALFINGER to be on the right way and to improve continuously its sustainability. By truly embracing sustainability we take responsibility for tomorrow.

The following table shows the last five VÖNIX rating assessments for PALFINGER from 2013 to 2017:

2013   |   2014   |   2015   |   2016   |   2017
B+      |    B+      |   A-       |    A-       |   B+

Read the VÖNIX assessment here.

CDP-Rating: C

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a non-profit organisation, which exists since 2010. The aim of CDP is to motivate companies to public their environmental data, like the emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases or the water consumption, on a voluntary basis.

PALFINGER took part in the CDP rating for climate-damaging greenhouse gases for the second time. Further information about CDP can be found on their website

In 2017, PALFINGER participated for the second time in the environmental assessment of the Carbon Disclosure Project and obtained a CDP climate scoring level C. Therefore, we are in the “Awareness” category and are situated in the industry average. In 2016, we received the level B and the status of “Sector Leader in the DACH Region”.

Read the CDP assessment here.

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