International Mobility Series 1/4: Exchange Program

International Mobility Series 1/4: Exchange Program

Because internationality is very important to PALFINGER, we promote international exchange among the locations of our PALFINGER Group. Through our mobility program, we hope to provide employees with opportunities for further professional as well as personal development, to strengthen respect and trust among the various cultures and individuals, to transfer know-how, and to build intercultural skills.

For these reasons, we offer our employees several options for going abroad:

  • Exchange program (1 – 6 months)
  • Flyer (6 months – 5 years)
  • Expatriate assignment (1 – 5 years)
  • Local+ (up to 5 years or longer)

We will present the individual programs in the next articles. We will now focus on the exchange program in the first part.

In the exchange program, we offer employees from specific business areas and corporate functions the opportunity to gain an insight into the activities of the headquarters or of a (different) business area. Through this program, motivated employees can acquire their first international experience and stay in another country from one to six months.

The stay in the business area or headquarters fosters mutual understanding of the business areas and corporate functions and contributes to the expansion, strengthening, and development of the PALFINGER network. Obviously the employees acquire a more profound intercultural understanding through a longer-term stay in a foreign culture and in a foreign country, thus contributing to the spread of corporate values and best practices throughout the PALFINGER Group.

Luciane from Brazil was the first woman to take part in the exchange. Luciane started her career at PALFINGER Brazil in 2014. In winter 2015 she spent three months in the headquarters and assisted in many initiatives. Here she tells about her experiences and about what motivated her to participate in the exchange:

Why did you decide to participate in the exchange?

Initiatives like the Exchange Program help us to experiment with something new and this makes us more open to evolve constantly. With this program I was able to combine professional development with personal growth and this unique opportunity should be lived with commitment, focus on results and passion for learning.

What experiences were you able to acquire through the exchange?

Taking part in the Exchange Program enables one to get to know new cultures, languages processes and tasks and with these experiences one improves continuously. Courage and boldness is needed to step out of your comfort zone and deliver results in a new environment. With this program I could embody PALFINGER’s values, live them, internalize them and combine them with my own personal values

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. With the Exchange Program I got a personal and professional experience and this benefits the company and myself as well.

Become a part of our PALFINGER family – all open positions at home and abroad can be found here:

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