International Mobility Series 2/4: Flyer

International Mobility Series 2/4: Flyer

Because internationality is very important to PALFINGER, we promote international exchange among the locations of our PALFINGER Group. Through our mobility program, we hope to provide employees with opportunities for further professional as well as personal development, to strengthen respect and trust among the various cultures and individuals, to transfer know-how, and to build intercultural skills.

For these reasons, we offer our employees several options for going abroad:

  • Exchange program (1 – 6 months)
  • Flyer (6 months – 5 years)
  • Expatriate assignment (1 – 5 years)
  • Local+ (up to 5 years or longer)

In the second part of the International Mobility Series, we are going to talk about the Flyer Program.

In the context of the Flyer Program, we offer our employees an international activity that is based on frequent business travels

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. Therefore, the employee’s residence is still in his or her home country and not abroad. For a predefined period, employees are frequently abroad, providing support to a foreign company in the scope of a project. The international cooperation between the companies is promoted through the activity on a regular basis in two countries.

This ongoing exchange leads to a better mutual understanding and to the use of synergies. In addition, intercultural skills are enriched through the stays abroad. Furthermore, PALFINGER success recipes are exchanged within the PALFINGER Group through the international project activity and cooperation.

We currently have several Flyers engaged within the PALFINGER Group. One of them is Reiner. Reiner has been with PALFINGER since 2011 and has been working as a Flyer since 2015. In the following, Reiner tells us why he decided to go abroad and what he gained from his international service:

Why did you decide to become a Flyer?

During my studies, I spent one semester each studying in France and in Brazil, and after my studies I worked for a German company in Portugal for two years. Hence I have always placed great value on exchanges with other cultures and mindsets, both on a professional and a personal level.

What did you gain from your international activity?

You get a more sophisticated view of things and with time you learn to remain calmer in difficult situations (crises). You thus maintain an objective view of the problem and furthermore you usually find better solution approaches by doing so. Obviously this doesn’t work every time in this job because the way other cultures go about dealing with tasks and problems is sometimes very different from what we are used to.

What challenges did you face?

The greatest challenge lies in finding a balance between a good relationship, taking the local processes and culture into account on the one hand, and carrying out the project successfully within the specified time frame on the other hand. This balance is necessary for ensuring an exchange of knowhow and best practices within the PALFINGER Group. In order to generate sustainability, it is critical to develop the local employee team, to include them in decisions and to teach them to work independently. The support that we offer as Flyers is for a limited time and afterwards the local staff should be able to perform on their own and in keeping with the PALFINGER values and standards.


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