International Mobility Series 4/4: Local+

International Mobility Series 4/4: Local+

Because internationality is very important to PALFINGER, we promote international exchange among the locations of our PALFINGER Group. Through our mobility program, we hope to provide you with the skills and experience we need, and to build our skills and experience.

For these reasons, we offer our employees several options for going abroad:

  • Exchange program (1 – 6 months)
  • Flyer (6 months – 5 years)
  • Expatriate assignment (1 – 5 years)
  • Local + (up to 5 years or longer)

We are going to talk about the Local + Program in the fourth and last part of the international mobility series.

A Local + assignment is very similar to expatriate assignment. PALFINGER location abroad. For a specific period of time, an employee leaves his or her home country. However, the difference is that the employee is employed locally in the host country and there is no contractual employment in the home country.

New cultures and broaden their horizons. Along with the further professional development.

In addition, each assignment abroad strengthens the collaboration among the companies within the PALFINGER Group, and collective thinking and acting is fostered.

One of our Local + Employees is Zhaoting. In the fall of 2015, he relocated his workplace from Shanghai to Salzburg and started working at PALFINGER in Bergheim

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. He and his wife have been living in Salzburg for two years. In the following, Zhaoting tells us why he opted for international assignment,

Why did you choose to go abroad? What’s the most interesting thing about it?

For me, coming to Austria to work what an easy and pleasant decision to make. And the great opportunity offered by the company. I was a one and a half year study experience abroad in the United States for a Master’s degree after I graduated from China University, and I gained a lot from it. I learned how to become self-reliant and how to balance life and study. Putting myself into the English speaking environment and making local friends helped me to improve my English dramatically. I am happy that now I have the opportunity to work in different cultures and cultures. These experiences can help me grow a lot.

What is the biggest challenge while being abroad?

Language is the biggest challenge, even though Austria is a country where many people speak. However, basic German is necessary in certain situations in daily life.

Do you have any tips for colleagues who are interested in working in a foreign country?

Have an open mind, expect challenges and welcome challenges. Try to learn and use German as much as possible.

What kind of experiences were you able to acquire during your time in Austria?

It’s a constant self-learning and self-improvement process, both in work and life. Work-wise, one wants to improve by learning from the best practices and processes within the group and the various training programs available from the company. In your leisure time, there are numerous beautiful mountains and lakes in Austria for you to explore, you will not be bored!


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