Lifetime Excellence: A Greek Wedding with some rather unusual witnesses

It’s no secret for our customers that PALFINGER is a dependable partner for life. But Paris and his wife Stergia gave this concept a whole new meaning, because the guest list for their Greek wedding back in May included three rather more unusual ‘marriage witnesses’ – a perfect PALFINGER wedding.

Maximum performance – for a lifetime

That’s what PALFINGER products promise

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. And on 4 May, Paris made a lifetime promise to his wife Stergia on the island of Rhodes. The happy couple sealed their matrimonial bond before the ‘eyes’ of three unusual witnesses: our PK 92002 SH, PK 85002 and PK 74002 loader cranes were ‘special guests’ at the ceremony– and featured prominently in proceedings.

But how did they get the idea of making such unusual additions to the traditional guest list? For Paris, this is an easy question to answer. As a dedicated employee of a PALFINGER partner in Greece, he was keen to express his passion for his job on this special day, too.

A PALFINGER Wedding – one of a kind

‘My wife-to-be had no idea I’d be arriving at the church on a crane. When she saw me arrive, she was speechless,’ he said, reminiscing on this amazing surprise. And it must have been a pretty spectacular moment for the wedding party, too, seeing our knuckle boom cranes lending their support to the happy couple. As you can imagine, the cranes standing in front of the church made for some pretty eye-catching photos. ‘It was an unforgettable day not only for us and our guests, but also for passers-by – after all, nobody had ever seen anything like this on Rhodes. Everyone stopped what they were doing and took videos of us.’

We would like to congratulate the young couple – who, incidentally, are now expecting their first child – on their marriage and wish them all the best for the future!

The fact that PALFINGER focuses on the costumer is also made clear in the current Crane Passion. In addition to the exciting highlights around PALFINGER as a company, this special wedding story also made it onto the front page.

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