The four pillars of PALFINGER’s service expertise

The four pillars of PALFINGER’s service expertise

LIFETIME SERVICE is PALFINGER’s trademark. This means that we emphasise the seamless combination of well-engineered ‘lifting solutions’ with comprehensive technical support that also makes use of all the opportunities offered by digitalisation – with the goal of making customers’ day-to-day work easier where possible.

In this sense, service is something that goes beyond technical support – a quality promise that can be fulfilled in close cooperation with our premium partners anywhere in the world. Which brings us to the first pillar: the global service network.

Pillar 1: the global service and partner network

Premium solutions seek out challenges for which strong partners are required, worldwide. We have more than 5,000 service centres in 130 countries, so that all customers receive the support they need – no matter where they are. Our partner certifications are a way of ensuring that our quality promise is met every time with expert support on site. PALFINGER University (PAL-U) offers all service technicians professional training in our product range – including with spare parts, the second pillar of our service expertise.

“PAL-U” – the PALFINGER university

Pillar 2: the complete availability of spare parts

Short response times in critical situations – this is what service is measured by because downtime is costly. In these circumstances, speedy and straightforward delivery of spare parts is the prerequisite for our service partners on site also being able to respond professionally and efficiently if they do not have the parts in stock. Do you want to hear a few figures? There are 250,000 PALFINGER spare parts in circulation worldwide – with a delivery rate of 94.7 percent within 24 hours. This is an absolute peak value that can be achieved only with a global network of state-of-the-art logistics centres. Anyone who talks of modernity thinks today of digitalisation, which brings us to the third pillar.

Pillar 3: digital service tools revolutionise maintenance, repair and transfer of expertise

Making digitalisation tangible for our customers as an added value – that is our credo . It’s no wonder that our innovative products are a hit in the service area above all, where they are having a direct impact by enhancing convenience, boosting support, increasing efficiency and improving safety.

Applications that make your everyday working life easier

Think of the XR APP that provides 360° visualisations of products and in-depth explanations of technical features, combining 3D, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and even bringing together analogue and digital content because the associated video material can be played directly on a smartphone by scanning pictures in brochures.

Or of PALDIAG, the configuration tool that authorised service partners can use to configure the settings on site that will enable the best work: speed settings, the definition of load limits, lift force limiting, assignment of levers and functions, and the calibration of sensors. Or of PALCODE, the first-aid app that provides operators on site with the cause of any error codes displayed and suggests potential solutions. This app is supplemented by PALDESK, where we compile all information about products and service-related topics (including service history) in a central database and make it available to our service technicians worldwide.

Smart Eye – our digital service tool

Or think of SMART EYE, a digital tool in the form of ‘data glasses’, where we can share our knowledge and expertise in real time with the service technicians on site thanks to audiovisual live streaming. The camera on the data glasses allows us to see precisely what is happening on site and insert essential additional data as augmented reality.

Smart Eye in use

PALFINGER Connected – Our telematics solutions

Or of FLEET MONITOR and OPERATOR MONITOR, which not only provide fleet managers with the information they require for deployment planning, but also provide operators on site with statistics, current lifting capacities and maintenance intervals, which they require for efficient deployment.

All these tools are in sync in practice – with the effect of ultimately increasing maintenance transparency, refining diagnostics, optimising service, boosting expertise throughout the entire partner network and maximising uptime as well as devices’ product service life

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. Provided that the maintenance intervals are adhered to. After all, only then can PALFINGER’s experts identify any potential damage at an early stage, take preventative action to rectify it and consequently avoid costly repairs and downtime. However, this customised service is possible only if the final pillar is also standing.

Pillar 4: tailored service and repair contracts

With our service offerings, such as the service and repair contracts, we offer tailored and highly flexible service packages with complete cost transparency. This simplifies administrative processes, offers protection against unexpected workshop costs, guarantees that only original spare parts are used if repairs are needed and ensures that PALFINGER customers can focus on their core business. And ultimately everything revolves around this.

The latest innovations in the field of LIFETIME SERVICE were presented at bauma 2019 in Munich as well. Check out our highlight video to learn more aboute our trade fair appearance.

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