Lifting your performance: PALFINGER a strong partner at Kulm

Lifting your performance: PALFINGER a strong partner at Kulm

Combining expertise makes it possible to achieve goals that cannot be done alone. Long-standing partnerships make that much very clear. These business relationships are particularly valuable because they lay the foundations for new innovations and make it possible to think outside the box together. Tough tasks need equally tough partners, and that was the theme last weekend when we invited long-standing customers to Kulm for a spot of ski flying as part of our event sponsorship

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. It was an event for high-flyers, you might say. Inspired by the winter sport, new ideas were discussed, and cross-industry dialogues encouraged. After all, the great outdoors provide the most space for new ideas and approaches.

PALFINGER at Kulm: Synergies boost performance

The atmosphere at Kulm was perfect. The sun came out, the wind was more of a help than a hindrance and almost 12,000 spectators formed a sea of red-white-red flags, rooting for the winter sportspeople.  In sum, the weekend provided the ideal conditions for them to produce their best sporting performances. This atmosphere was also the source of a great deal of inspiration on a business level. Synergies with our partners were harnessed and reinforced comprehensively with a view to achieving even more together through in-depth conversations. As a collective, we want to improve our performance because that is how we can lay the foundations for long-term commercial success.

“We value strong partnerships very highly. Similar to our lifting solutions we grant, as a powerful and dynamic company, not only strong products but also constant maximum capacity. These kinds of events present the perfect opportunity to intensify partnerships and create new ones,” said Andreas Klauser, PALFINGER CEO. The eventful weekend is another illustration of the success of these partnerships.

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