Living awareness: The World Day of Health and Safety at Work

Living awareness: The World Day of Health and Safety at Work

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) will hold the 33th action day on April 28th in order to promote safe, healthy and humane work. The top goal is to prevent accidents and protect workers. Also known as the “Worker’s Memorial Day”, this day is additionally in remembrance of the already ill or killed workers.


According to estimates, a worker dies every 15 seconds. That means 6,000 people a day, and about 2 million workers annually, who lose their lives due to work-related accidents or illnesses. In addition, around 270 million accidents occur every year and 160 million people suffer from work-related diseases.

Since 1984, the ILO has therefore set itself the task of advocating more social justice as well as human and labour rights. Every year, today’s action day is given a new motto in order to draw attention to the complex topics of health and safety at work and to initiate improvement. Campaigns of recent years included: stress management, prevention culture, risk assessment and many more.

2017 is devoted to the topic of „Optimizing the collection and use of data on occupational safety and health“. Reliable and complete reporting of these data helps to measure existing preventive measures and to identify new risks at an early stage. As a result, further protective measures can be developed and implemented.


To avoid safety and health risks are not without reason on the top agenda of many companies. Because only healthy employees, are happy employees. PALFINGER also defined the health and safety of employees as the most material topic

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. Accordingly, we protect our employees from accidents and promote their health care.

Occupational health management

In addition to our employees, our Code of Conduct also requires dealers, business partners and suppliers to ensure safety and health at work. Furthermore, a continuous development is to be supported, which leads to an improvement of the working world.

In the form of our company’s health management, initiatives are being launched around the world that trigger health promotion, as well as occupational health and safety. The management of these aspects is regulated among other things by the certification “OHSAS 18001”. In 2016, 23 per cent of our employees worked at certified sites.

Occupational safety, accident prevention, absences time

PALFINGER strives to achieve consistent low downtimes through its health engagement and the organization of the work environment. The efforts to preventively avoid accidents show effects. In the 2016 fiscal year, these remained stable at 0.12 per cent of regular working time. Unfortunately we had to report on fatal accident at a Russian site. At the same time, we defined the clear goal of avoiding fatal accidents in the workforce in the future and reducing absences due to accidents by as much as 0.11 per cent from 2017 onwards. In 2016, we had to notice a slight increase in the absence times to 4.12 per cent. However, this value still lies in the branch average of 3 to 4 per cent.

In the context of today’s action day, PALFINGER can thereby provide data management that shows absences due to accidents, absence times and fatal accidents. Experience has shown us that consistent reporting enhances the focus on accident prevention.

You are interested to find out more of what PALFINGER does for its employees? Then take a look at our Integrated Annual Report in the section Responsible Employer”.

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