Managing the crisis – #togetherwearestrong

Managing the crisis – #togetherwearestrong

We are experiencing a crisis of incredible scope. The coronavirus has also infected and affected our global economy and no market or industry is excluded. It goes without saying that PALFINGER has made the health and well-being of our workforce and partners our highest priority. At the same time, we are making every effort to keep our production, sales, and services up and running for as long as possible. The current situation requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to be able to instantly respond to new circumstances.

Based on the actions taken, PALFINGER is doing its best to master the situation. Liquidity was secured due to fast and properly implemented cuts and measures. This procedure makes PALFINGER capable of successfully withstanding the current turbulences. All measures taken focus on the achievement of our three most important objectives.

Protecting health

In recent weeks, the average capacity in the plants has been reduced and the temporary closure of individual production sites has been thoroughly planned. During the weeks of shut down, we will implement the sanitary and technical requirements in order to fully protect the health and safety of our employees after the restart.

Managing the crisis: PALFINGER COO Martin Zehnder wearing a mask in one of our facilities

“We are working as quickly as possible to develop measures to protect your health.”
Martin Zehnder, COO

Securing jobs

Our aim is to resume full production as soon as possible in order to secure solvency in the short term and jobs in the long term. Therefore, all necessary measures are adopted and PALFINGER is clearly on the right track. Unfortunately, however, this development depends not only on the company but also on how the situation is developing in Austria, Europe and worldwide.

“Securing the jobs of our employees is our top priority.”
Fehlix Strohbichler, CFO

Together we are strong

All the steps that have been taken are clearly heading in the right direction

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. PALFINGER has thus gained time, which is crucial for overcoming future challenges with stability and optimism.

Staying strong through the crisis. Together, we will emerge even stronger.”
Andreas Klauser, CEO

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  1. Well done Palfinger I wish you and all your employees a soft and secure future
    Robert Anderson ex technical Manager Palfinger UK Falkirk Depot

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