Mission: Building bridges – The PCC 71.002 in action

Mission: Building bridges – The PCC 71.002 in action

Perfect for off-road operations, maneuverable and stable: The PALFINGER Crawler Crane PCC 71.002 supported the Austrian Armed Forces during the construction of a bridge in Tenneck, Austria.

Sometimes you need to call a specialist to deliver quick and high-precision solutions – like in the village of Tenneck in Pongau, Austria. The old bridge between the village and train station is being replaced. But to ensure that people can still travel the short distance between the village and train station while the new bridge is under construction, the Austrian Armed Forces quickly installed a temporary bridge – and did so with the help of the PCC 71.002

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. This allowed the last few remaining meters to be put in place quickly and with the required precision.

Off-road capabilities as standard

It is hardly surprising that the team specializing in constructing roads and bridges under challenging conditions opted to deploy this versatile all-rounder from PALFINGER – after all, this off-roader is equipped with a powerful drive, has a high ground clearance, low space requirements and extensive reaches.

Precision work on the banks of the Salzach

The Tenneck mission was to hoist up the bridge structure, a task that required high-precision work directly on the banks of the Salzach. This called for reliable, high-precision machinery: The PCC 71.002. Not only can it be navigated with ease across uneven surfaces, but it is also designed to deliver maximum performance even in the smallest areas. Its all-terrain stabilizers automatically compensate for slope gradients of up to 8°, ensuring that the crane offers the required off-road stability. The stability can be accurately controlled via the continuous monitoring of the longitudinal and lateral stabilizer outriggers. The bridgehead offered very little in the way of support, so the counterweight helped to provide additional lifting capacity.

Building bridges – the perfect support

“The PCC was the perfect support in this deployment, mainly because it does not take up much space,” said a spokesperson of the Austrian Armed Forces. This is a decisive advantage for specialists in emergency and disaster services. They were also particularly impressed with the crane’s all-terrain capability and vertical maneuverability on the stabilizers – strengths that the team would really appreciate when deploying cranes in difficult terrain.

You can watch the operation whole here:

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