#Movethedate: We need 1.7 earths in 2018

#Movethedate: We need 1.7 earths in 2018

Did you know that humanity has exhausted its natural resources for this year as of today? Unimaginable, but true reality. Each individual can help to respect the ecological limits. PALFINGER takes on environmental responsibility and wants to use resources.


The Earth Overshoot Day takes place on August 1st this year and marks the date on which we have more than our planet can renew within one year. So, we are making a loss with mother earth. 1.7 earths to be exact. How is that possible? – Through overfishing, deforestation and emission of more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than at ecosystem can absorb. Each country consumes different amounts, so there are different overshoot days and “earths” that a country needs.

It is not impossible to live within the means of our planet. Everyone can contribute to #Movethedate. At www.overshootday.org/ you will learn more about the Earth Overshoot Day and what it takes to achieve a turnaround in our current living standards.

PALFINGER has recognized the need for action and strives to make its ecological footprint as sustainable as possible

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. We are pursuing this goal with two material sustainability topics: ‘Energy efficiency & climate protection’ and ‘Raw materials demand & efficiency’.


PALFINGER has been working with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since 2016. They aim to counteract the most important problems of our time, to promote human well-being and, in particular, to protect the environment. In 2017, with the help of our stakeholder survey, we prioritized 5 goals with which we want to make an active contribution to sustainable development.

Overshoot Day. 2 of these goals support the conservation of resources.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

PALFINGER takes responsibility by using raw materials efficiently. We promote the reduction of energy consumption. With safe, efficient, low-noise products that have a low consumption of operating materials, we provide lifting solutions that correspond to the state of the art in research and the demand in the market. Product lifecycle approaches into account application and production patterns.

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SDG 13: Climate action

We are committed to climate protection and strive to continuously optimize energy consumption and intra-company transports caused by production operations and during product use. There are costs and emissions are reduced. Examples are hybrid or electric solutions or the switch to renewable energy. Specific objectives and measures concerning energy consumption and CO2 emissions have been defined in order to contribute to climate protection. In addition, to the extent that regional conditions allow, we strive to achieve the greatest possible efficiency in buildings as well as in production processes.

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Targets for climate protection

In 2017, a CO2 reduction of 25 per cent of the 2015 base year was defined as a long-term target to be reached by 2030. An absolute reduction of greenhouse gas emissions achieved for the first time in 2017, in turn, increasing growth. In the environmental area, ever since 2014, we have set the annual target of improving energy efficiency and reducing hazardous waste by 1.8 percentage points each (as measured by the index). In 2017, energy consumption in relation to revenue (index) was 3.7 percentage points lower. The target was thus achieved. However, the annual target of reducing hazardous waste was again missed. Therefore, for the year 2018, a detailed analysis of the material flows at the sites with the highest quantities of hazardous waste is planned in order to reintroduce a positive development throughout the group.

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