My first steps into software development as a trainee at PALFINGER

My first steps into software development as a trainee at PALFINGER

Before I started my internship, which lasted from mid-April until the end of July, I hardly had any knowledge about how to write a program or even how to write a few lines of code.

As soon as I started my internship, I got integrated into the team and everyone was willing to help me when I encountered problems.

My first impression of the team was very good and this didn’t change during my stay at PALFINGER.

In the beginning, it was a bit hard for me to understand how everything is working. But Elvir Dolic and the other team members of WMA helped me with every question I had.

The first project I got my hands on was PALDESK where I had my first interaction with a translation pipe. This was really hard to understand for me as a newbie, but I managed to solve my task.

What I really enjoyed was that even though I was just a trainee with hardly any knowledge in coding and software development. I didn’t get tasks which were useless. On the contrary, I got tasks that solved real problems and helped me to learn more about software development.

I got the opportunity to work not only on PALDESK, but also on PACWEB and the SalesTool. Now I can proudly say, that I did a little part in some of these projects.

One thing I recognized immediately was how well they get along with each other. All the various departments go for lunch or drink a cup of coffee together.

This internship gave me insights on how everything is connected. How people from Vienna, Bratislava, and Bergheim work together. Moreover, how it feels to be integrated into these projects, and how they treat you as a trainee and how willing they are to help if you are stuck and that’s what I appreciated the most. They even invited me to join their team event in Amstetten to play Paintball. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

Overall it was an awesome experience here at PALFINGER and I can highly recommend an internship to everyone who is looking for nice colleagues, varied tasks and an internship where you don’t get some useless work to do.

Thanks to the whole software development team for giving me such a nice entry to my upcoming study and teaching me so many new things.

Written by Software Development Trainee Philipp

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