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The purpose of the blog comments function is to promote objective discussion. To this end, the editorial team reserves the right to delete comments that are not conducive to such discussion. Although we do not check comments before they are posted online, we will use the option to delete them if so required. You do not have an automatic right to be published.

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Tone and etiquette

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  • Insults, sexual innuendos or sexist, discriminating or racist comments are prohibited.
  • Everyone has the right to express their opinion. Never try to force your own opinion upon others.

Following will lead to the deletion of the comment

  • Misuse of the comments function as an advertising platform (spamming)
  • Offering goods or services commercially or privately
  • Violations of third-party rights, including and in particular copyrights
  • All forms of insult or degradation of persons
  • Racism and hate propaganda
  • Discrimination
  • Pornography and obscenities
  • Incitement to violence against persons, institutions or
  • Calls to demonstrations as well as all forms of political debate
  • Links to unsuitable and dubious Websites
  • Comments which are not in German or English
  • Quotes without specifying a source or author
  • Comments without reference to the topic being commented on
  • Uncommented upload of quotes and text extracts of any kind
  • Comments with more than 1000 characters
  • Machine-generated comments
  • Similar contents as points listed

These rules also apply to the use of user names.

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