ONE Talks: PALFINGER employees in exceptional situations

ONE Talks: PALFINGER employees in exceptional situations

As a globally operating company, PALFINGER is facing a great challenge posed by the ongoing Corona pandemic. Especially maintaining the capability of acting through flexible operation without endangering the safety of our employees is a key focus for our company. For many of us, Home Office and new forms of collaboration are now shaping our everyday life and mark a great leap of digitalization.

Corona is certainly putting our lives and work situations to the test. What has become well-known as “social distancing” indicates in fact “physical distancing”, whereby a completely new form of “virtual or distant together” is created. Yet, since the secret lies in the detail, we would like to look at or rather listen to where the real life is taking place, and where it is challenged the most.

What is “ONE Talks”?

With this podcast series we want to bring PALFINGER employees on stage. Not only to get to know them, but also to learn from them: How they experience the crisis, how they master concrete challenges and how they adapt to new circumstances. The series offers an insight into the different areas and regions where PALFINGER is represented as an international company. In addition, it deals with various home office situations, virtual projects and new security requirements in the production area which are changing collaboration significantly.

Our podcast is becoming a digital platform where proximity and team spirit are to be regained during these weeks of spatial separation. We speak of “exceptional situations”, focusing on the positive changes that lie dormant in these new challenges.

With our own eyes we see how the new and unexpected is beginning to thrive. Of course, the restrictions are tough, but they also make us focus on the important things in life – on the people we live with and on our creative potential. Things we have postponed for a long time are finally getting done, priorities are redefined, and time is something that can be managed more carefully. Many people consider this crisis as an opportunity. And it is this view, we would like to further explore.

Questions to be addressed

1) How has your everyday life changed?
2) What are the new challenges YOU currently have to deal with?
3) What are you looking forward to the most when Corona is no longer an issue?
4) Is there also something positive you take out of this situation for the future?
5) Which song best describes your work ethic / work habits?

We grow together

It is our hope that the stories we tell and those we are told will make us less lonely; and that by sharing our concrete life and work experiences we will grow together during this exceptional time. If we grow together in the end, we have achieved a lot – and also proved that “ONE PALFINGER” is more than just a slogan – it is what keeps us going. #togetherwearestrong

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Christine Spernbauer, Innovation Expert, PALFINGER 21st
Felix Strohbichler, PALFINGER CFO
Kristi Kraneyk, Regional Marketing Manager, PALFINGER NAM
Laura Garagnani, Area Sales Manager Team Leader, Access Platforms
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  1. To know a little bit about the impressions Palfinger employees during this sad pandemic is very important for me. Here in Brazil, unemployed, I learn so much things just watching things like that. I would like to be part of this global team. Specially because I am Engineering student and I live in Caxias do Sul. Congrats for all, I still have a dream to work at one of the Palfinger company branches.

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