Our employee goals – PALFINGER as a responsible employer

Our employee goals – PALFINGER as a responsible employer

We regularly ask our stakeholders, both internal and external, to identify the most important topics for PALFINGER. The aim is to define key figures for all material sustainability topics. This helps to identify trends, to check the effectiveness of measures and, above all, to set targets. Important topics in the employee field are our values (entrepreneurship, respect and learning), which form the basis of our corporate culture as well as the health, safety and training of our employees. All this contributes significantly to the attractiveness of the company.

What goals did we achieve in 2018?

Lost hours:

The health and safety of our employees is of great concern for us. For this reason, in 2016, the goal was defined to bring lost hours due to accidents below 0.11 per cent. Unfortunately, this goal could not be reached in 2018. The current value is comparable to the industry average, although expectations of ourselves are much higher. A concrete measure to reduce lost hours is to design a concept for health, safety, quality and environment.


The indicator includes any type of termination, such as retirement or completed apprenticeships. As early as 2016, we defined a target of a maximum of 10% turnover for each year. This goal could not be achieved in 2018. The main factors influencing were the restructuring of the global marine sites, parts of the European Union and North America. Individual targeted initiatives will continuously strengthen our employer identity and attractiveness as an employer at individual sites.

Share of women:

This target underpins our diversity concept. By 2022, the proportion of women in the top management level should correspond to that of the entire workforce. Already in 2018, we are well on our way and will take further measures to reach the goal.


The proportion of non-Austrians in the PALFINGER headquarter should increase to 20 per cent by 2022. This goal also supports our diversity concept and we exceeded the first intermediate goal in 2018. We are working on further measures to make our headquarter attractive.

Further measures to achieve these goals can be found in our Sustainability Programme.

Further employee related topics can be found in our newly published Integrated Annual Report 2018.

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