Our environmental goals – A lot achieved, still much to do!

Our environmental goals – A lot achieved, still much to do!

We regularly ask our stakeholders, both internal and external, to identify the most important topics for PALFINGER. The aim is to define key figures for all material sustainability topics. This helps to identify trends, to check the effectiveness of measures and, above all, to set targets. Important topics in the environmental area and eco-efficient production are the efficient use of raw materials, energy efficiency and climate protection.

What goals did we achieve in 2018?

Energy efficiency:

There has been a stable and positive development in the area over the last few years, and in 2018 the target of 1.8 percentage points was exceeded. A concrete measure to enhance energy efficiency is the already initiated analysis regarding extensive installations of photovoltaic systems at sites in the business area EMEA. First systems are being installed in Austria.

Hazardous waste:

For the first time in many years, an improvement was achieved in 2018, but the level is still very high and further measures are necessary. We identified Lazuri as the plant generating the largest quantities of hazardous waste and are developing solutions in order to reduce this waste.

NEW 2019: Long-term goals

In order to ensure continuous improvement in terms of energy efficiency and hazardous waste, the short-term targets (1.8 percentage points index improvement each year) have been transformed into long-term goals. By the year 2030, energy and hazardous waste should each achieve 30 percentage points (in relation to revenue) of improvement.

Climate protection:

Unfortunately, the absolute reduction from the previous year was not achieved this year. The target was thus clearly missed and will have to be pursued even more vigorously in 2019 in order to reach the long-term target of -25% absolute CO2 emissions by 2030

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. A concrete measure from 2018 is the creation of a PALFINGER climate strategy that is considering the biggest potentials of CO2 savings in the whole value creation chain.

NEW 2019: Renewable energy

In order to support our climate goal, an additional target was added in 2018. Currently, about 30% of the electricity purchased comes from renewable sources (wind, water, etc). This value should be increased to 75% by the year 2022. A systematic inquiry will be initiated in order to check the group-wide potential of renewable energy at production sites.

Further measures to achieve these goals can be found in our sustainability programme.

Further environmental topics can be found in our newly published Integrated Annual Report 2018.

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