PALFINGER access platforms bring innovation to tree maintenance

PALFINGER access platforms bring innovation to tree maintenance

The use of access platforms is a key element of contemporary green space and tree maintenance. Access platforms enable arborists to reach their work sites safely and to work efficiently once they are there, both in gardening and landscaping as well as in many urban projects.

What characteristics are required of access platforms during tree maintenance work?

Outreach, stability and safety – these are just a few of the characteristics that are important in the work of arborists. The all-terrain mobility of vehicles is also playing an increasingly significant role. At demopark 2019, PALFINGER fittingly presented a selection of all-terrain access platforms from the Premium class and Light class NX that are ideally suited to tree maintenance.

P 250 BK: lightweight and diverse classic for municipal applications

Precisely because of its lightweight design and long outreach, the P 250 BK from the Light class NX is ideal for tree maintenance. It can be mounted on a 3.5 t or 7.5 t all-terrain chassis and is designed for a working height of around 25 m. It has an outreach of 16.90 m when the workman basket is extended. The workman basket and the telescopic system with extrusion profiles are made of aluminium – as are all products in the PALFINGER Light class NX. The P 250 BK is therefore very light but also extremely robust. The workman basket can be rotated 2 x 90 degrees and, thanks to the flat substructure, can get extremely close to obstacles. The access platform can be installed on a Euro 6 chassis without exceeding the permissible gross weight of 3.5 tonnes including the driver, front passenger and a full tank of fuel. The P 250 BK can therefore be operated by anyone holding a standard driving licence. Stabiliser operation of the base is particularly convenient and operating the workman basket is very easy and efficient thanks to the intuitive control panel.

P 280 CK: for urban application areas in confined spaces

Thanks to its compact vertical stabilisers, the P 280 CK from the Light class NX is perfect for applications in urban areas.  Designed for vehicles weighing 7.5 t or more, it reaches a working height of 28 m and has a robust aluminium workman basket with a 300 kg basket load. With fully raised stabilisers, the basket can be moved down to the ground and loaded easily with tools, for example, which is no problem thanks to the high payload reserve of the large loading surface. The maximum outreach is 18.8 m, which operators of the P 280 CK appreciate for applications in municipal areas, with their low construction height of 3.30 m.

P 370 KS E: the electric top model in the Premium class for construction work in urban areas as well as indoor and night-time work

The P 370 KS E is the electric version of the popular P 370 KS from the PALFINGER Premium class and is quiet, efficient and emissions-free. This makes it ideal for indoor and night-time work as well as for use on construction sites in urban areas. Thanks to optimum power adjustment, the P 370 KS E can be operated for one full working day in electric mode, depending on how the product is used, and offers impressive levels of power and strong performance.

Mounted on an 18 t chassis, it has a working height of up to 37 m and a lateral outreach of up to 31.5 m with a maximum basket load of 500 kg. However, it still remains compact and manoeuvrable with a vehicle length of just 8.35 m and the patented counter slewing system. The allows the access platform to remain within the vehicle’s width (including mirrors) during slewing operations, thereby minimising possible obstructions of traffic during work and ensuring optimum performance even when space is limited.

The all-terrain solution: P 150 AJTK – an access platform on tracks

The P 150 AJTK is the solution in places where access platforms mounted on trucks start to struggle. The compact access platform is installed on a tracked vehicle, which makes it particularly manoeuvrable. With a clearance width of 780 mm, it is mobile even in cramped courtyards and narrow alleyways. Soft or uneven ground is no problem for the tracked vehicle, either. The model is designed for a working height of 15 m. Like the P 250 BK, the P 150 AJTK is fitted with the jib boom necessary for tree maintenance.

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