PALFINGER and the cheetah baby Niara

PALFINGER and the cheetah baby Niara

PALFINGER is sponsoring a cheetah girl in the Salzburg Zoo since End of July. For the next 2 years, we will provide Niara with financial as well as material resources.

The Salzburg Zoo is happy about cheetah offspring

On May 25 2018, cheetah offspring – 3 boys and one girl – saw the light of day in the Salzburg Zoo. The first time Mama Aeris is very proud and cares very carefully about the little fluffy balls of fur. This is the first cheetah offspring in 5 years. The cheetah is one of the fastest land mammals

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. It accelerates from 0 to 80 kilometers per hour in just 3 seconds. Top speeds of 110 kilometers per hour are no problem for the animal.

The Salzburg Zoo has been around since 1424 – at the time still as an archbishop’s wildlife park. Meanwhile, it has become a nature and conservation center and is home to 1,200 animals (140 sepcies) on a 14-acre site. Approximately 350,000 guests visit the daily opened zoo.

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PALFINGER as a sponsor

Cheetahs are on the red list and are classified as endangered animals. Their population is estimated at only about 10,000 animals. The main causes of their endangerment are the destruction of their habitat, the decline of their prey and poaching. We attach great importance to this partnership and we want to contribute to protecting the cheetahs and their survival.

Since the end of July, PALFINGER is now the sponsor of the little cheetah girl. An internal, Austrian-wide employee survey helped to find her name: she now listens to the name Niara. This has the meaning that the little one is meant for “something big”. With our sponsorhip we not only support the zoo, e.g
. in the supply of food, but also finance the establishment of a food lift.

“We are very happy to be the godfather of Niara. The cheetah suits very well to PALFINGER, because she is fast and dynamic – just like us. The employees of PALFINGER can visit our godchild on a regular basis, as they are provided with annual passes for the Salzburg Zoo” – says Hannes Roither, Company spokesperson.

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