PALFINGER PRODUCTS – EPSILON Timber and Recycling Cranes

PALFINGER PRODUCTS – EPSILON Timber and Recycling Cranes

Some time ago, we published a basic overview of our main product, the loader crane. Now it is time to introduce the next product range: The EPSILON Timber- and Recycling Cranes.

EPSILON cranes are a global market leader with customized solutions for timber and scrap manipulation, as well as for recycling applications. EPSILON was founded in 1980 and partly acquired by PALFINGER in 1988. The new Innovation Centre was established in 2015 in Austria and ensures further international development at the highest level.

Characteristics of Timber- and Recycling Cranes

Timber and Recycling Cranes are constructed for tough and multi-shift operations, because these cranes can manage fast and repetitive forward and sideward movements for extended periods. The main feature is to load and unload trucks within the forestry, recycling as well as the construction industry. The cranes can be installed on a stationary place as well as on machines or trucks. There you can find them either front or rear mounted. The customer can choose between hydraulically pilot-operated, electrically or mechanically operated cranes. Depending on the field of operation each crane can be equipped with various grab types for timber, recycling or construction application.


EPSILON cranes are characterized by an enormous outreach, high speed and exceptional lifting power. The focus within the field of research and development lies on three pillars, namely DESIGN, COMFORT and TECHNIQUE.

In recent years, the company developed and introduced several patented solutions, which quickly became standards in its field. Such as the extended inside hose routing which decreases the chance of damaging the hydraulic hoses and additionally reduces maintenance costs. Moreover, the new generation of operator seats “Master Drive” increases the user friendliness by providing the operator full control for each operation. Additionally, EPSHOOD, the newly developed operators’ protection hood bears up operation at all weather conditions, no matter if wind, sun or rain. Moreover, when on the road, the thermoplastic hood covers the Master Drive seat and protects it from dust and dirt

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The majority of components are manufactured at PALFINGER production sites throughout Europe. Construction and assembly is primarily done at the Austrian site in Salzburg/Elsbethen.

Timber and Recycling Cranes are used in the following industry sectors: Construction industry, Forestry, Agriculture, Landscaping/Gardening, Disposal industry and Mining.

EPSILON Timber and Recycling Cranes are sold globally. Europe is the main market. North and South America as well as Eastern Europe and Asia have great potential for growth.

Questions about EPSILON?

If you have further questions about EPSILON Timber and Recycling Cranes please contact Bernhard Gerstmair (Marketing) at +43 662 629548 259 or

Visit us at our PALFINGER EPSILON Homepage

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