PALFINGER Products – the Loader Crane

PALFINGER Products – the Loader Crane

In this series, my colleagues and I would like to familiarise you with PALFINGER in the form our products. Many people know PALFINGER. Many know our main product the loader crane as well, which formed the appearance of PALFINGER for decades. Our range of hydraulic products, such as aerial work platforms, hooklifts or truck mounted forklifts is however less known. Especially for interested parties from the financial community it is hard to get a picture of the company behind the PALFINGER share.

First of all, how could it be otherwise, I would like to introduce you to the loader crane. The product on which Hubert Palfinger specialised on in 1964 and an lay the foundation of our success story.


With more than 120 crane models and numerous variations PALFINGER is the world market leader in this segment with a market share of more than 30 per Cent.


How is a crane constructed?

Loader cranes are used  for loading and unloading trucks and for assembly work. The crane is mounted either behind the cab or at the rear of the vehicle and is hydraulically driven by the engine of the vehicle via an oil pump
. The crane consists of a base that is directly mounted on the truck frame. On the base frame is the crane column, which is connected to the main boom, either directly or via a linkage system. Another linkage system connects the main boom with the knuckle boom. A crane can be equipped with a maximum of nine hydraulic booms. The crane’s outreach may be further expanded by means of a fly jib. Additional equipment (cable winch, rotator, grapple, pallet fork) makes loader cranes even more widely applicable. As opposed to the mobile crane the power is defined through the lifting moment

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. The lifting moment refers to the lifting capacity with a certain outreach. To lift one ton at a range of ten meters you need a 10mt crane. PALFINGER loading cranes are available from 1 to 150 meter tons. The cranes are controlled via a control panel directly on the base or via radio remote control.


Especially in the crane segment PALFINGER is with its innovations, such as the Power Link Plus double linkage system, the active oscillation system (AOS), the intelligent High Performance Stability Control (HPSC) and the assistant system P-Fold, pioneer and trendsetter in our industry. PALFINGER has had a significant influence on the markets and on future developments, due to its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

The production takes place in Austria, Bulgaria and Slovenia; the assembly in Austria, Canada and Italy.

The main industries for loader cranes are: Construction, transport logistics, emergency services, municipalities, waste management, mining, inspection/maintenance/cleaning of buildings, structures and heavy machinery, leasing and rental business. Europe continues to be the main sales market for PALFINGER’s loader cranes; the greatest growth potentials are in North and South America, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.

Do you have any questions regarding the loader crane? Peter Lukas from our product marketing department and I are looking forward answering  your questions.

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