Everyday use or specialised operations? That is the question

Everyday use or specialised operations? That is the question

It is more than just their model lines that set the PALFINGER SLD and TEC ranges apart from each other – they look different, too. Fundamentally, however, it is really quite simple: if you need solid PALFINGER quality, then the SLD models are the ones for you. And if you have complex tasks that you need to tackle, you can push yourself to the limit and reach for the sky with the TEC models

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Visual differences

Insiders can tell an SLD from a TEC a mile off based on the design of the extension boom system. While the SLD range has a conventional hexagonal profile, the TEC models feature a drop-shaped, polygonal P-profile. It is an extremely innovative design that makes the entire boom system lighter and more rigid, proving in impressive style that performance and dead weight do not have to grow in unison when it comes to cranes.

Different applications

This visual difference alone indicates that the cranes’ applications differ. You do not need a special crane for straightforward loading tasks – you need a simple, strong and robust machine that you can rely on. A sturdy SLD machine that delivers tried-and-tested quality and exceptional value for money. It is perfect for the everyday tasks undertaken by public authorities, loading pallets on construction sites or grapple applications with bulk material. The TEC models, on the other hand, have been designed for complex, specialised operations. These include delicate lifting jobs at great heights in urban areas or complex installation work involving heavy loads, where maximum manoeuvrability and performance are crucial.

Optional features

This brings us to another differentiating feature: the optional  features. While the SLD models can be enhanced with selected features such as HPSC-Plus LOAD, radio remote control and A-HPLS, the new customer-optimised TEC models offer not only the option of fly jibs, but a whole range of comfort and assistance systems such as P-FOLD, Soft Stop, RTC, MEXT, WEIGH, FPM and, in the future, Smart Boom Control – depending on the selected model line (TEC 3, TEC 5 or TEC 7).

Too many acronyms? Allow us to explain

HPSC-Plus LOAD is an enhanced module for the HPSC stability control system. It takes into account the loading situation and inclination of the truck, thereby helping to achieve the maximum load limit. A-HPLS (Automatic High-Power Lifting System) is a lifting capacity expansion that is fitted as standard on models in the SLD 5 model line.

P-Fold enables TEC cranes to be folded and unfolded with just one lever – assisted by the automated RTC (Rope Tension Control) device. Soft Stop, meanwhile, ensures gentle braking of the crane’s movements at it reaches the end position. MEXT ensures that mechanical crane extensions are detected by the crane’s sensors and integrated in the overload protection system. WEIGH allows the crane operator to weigh loads directly with the crane. FPM (Fall Protection Mode) makes it possible to work freely and safely in exposed areas. Thanks to the Smart Boom Control system, all the crane operator will have to do in future is to specify the direction of movement, while PALTRONIC calculates the necessary combination of movements.

Versatility and flexibility

The bottom line is that the areas of application for crane systems are more varied and diverse than ever before. It is therefore important for our customers to be able to use many of these options in a modular and flexible manner. That is why we offer these two ranges and the wide variance of models, to ensure that every task can be completed safely, efficiently and comfortably. On that note, it is worth mentioning the ten new TEC models in the 25–37-tonne-metre class, which offer all the optional features of a PALFINGER heavy-duty crane and are available from 2019.

TEC and SLD at bauma 2019

The new PK 24.001 SLD 6 and PK 21.501 SLD 3 models from the SOLID range, which offer outstanding lifting capacity for simple loading tasks, were presented at bauma 2019. These will be the first SLD cranes in the heavier 20–25-tonne-metre class. The PK 58.002 TEC 7 prototype – the first ever TEC crane in the 50–60-tonne-metre class – was also unveiled at bauma 2019. In the heavy-duty crane segment, PALFINGER showcased the PK 135.002 TEC 7 at bauma. Thanks to its outstanding ratio of lifting capacity to dead weight, this model specialises in heavy loads and tasks that require long outreach. Its diverse range of applications includes everything from heavy-duty jobs through to intricate installation work.

New models in the SLD range for 2019 :

  • PK 21.501 SLD 1
  • PK 21.501 SLD 3
  • PK 22.501 SLD 3
  • PK 24.001 SLD 5
  • PK 24.001 SLD 6

New models in the TEC range for 2019:

With continuous slewing system:

  • PK 28.502 TEC 5
  • PK 30.002 TEC 7
  • PK 35.502 TEC 5
  • PK 37.002 TEC 7

With rack and pinion slewing system:

  • PK 26.002 TEC 3
  • PK 28.002 TEC 5
  • PK 29.502 TEC 7
  • PK 32.002 TEC 3
  • PK 35.002 TEC 5
  • PK 36.502 TEC 7
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