Who does not want to salvage a car with a crane and a grab?”

Intensive training and experience of the “PALFINGER CRANE TOOLS” in real operation, these were the “TRAINING DAYS 2018”. They took place in Salzburg from 22 to 25 October under the motto “please DO operate” in and around the PALFINGER training center.

“touch and feel the difference”

When you control grabs, augers or other tools in action, you learn most quickly and most efficiently about the advantages and prerequisites are given for the respective Equipment.

Only if you know the various tools with their product features and requirements, you can offer your customers the optimum complete solution.

114 participants from all continents have used the opportunity to experience and understand crane & equipment in action. In small groups, 9 different stations were run through, at which our CRANE TOOLS – from grabs to the work baskets – were used.

Each station was considered a challenge with timekeeping

Development of the formulation and the manufacturing processes (roller compaction, compression and film-coating) are well described.possible the parther, the reasons buy tadalafil.

. Nine crane vehicles – ranging from a small 2 axle, to a heavy fire department rescue vehicle to a Crawler Crane – were available for use.
Together with the trainer team, the arguments and technical details were discussed on the product and could then be experienced “up close” in action.

Martin Korsgren – from our Partner HINZ in Sweden

“best crane Driver of the TRAINING DAYS 2018”

“As I am employed in sales, this is a very good way to get information about the products so that I can assist the customer in choosing the ideal attachment. All in all a great event, also to establish contact with PALFINGER partners from all over the world!”

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