Xtended Reality” – virtual and yet real. The PALFINGER World on your mobile device – the new “XR-App” makes it possible. With this “Augmented Reality” app, the features of the current PALFINGER Lifting Solutions can be presented digitally and realistically.

This virtual representation is available in three versions: In 3D, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). For different needs, it is possible to have our Lifting Solutions displayed in virutal and digital modes.

3D Mode:Everything in sight

In the 3D mode, for example, the new PALFINGER Loader Crane PK 37.002 TEC 7 can be viewed from every angle with a 3D animation on a neutral gray background. Via a side menu you also get important information about the crane by videos, short texts and pictures.

AR: 3D models in an individual environment

The augmented reality mode makes it possible to project selected models for example onto the conference table in the meeting room. Likewise, the device can be displayed in real environment (for example at the factory premises), with the “LIFE SIZE mode”.

Virtual reality: Experience it yourself

Virtual reality is an artificial reality created by special hardware and software (VR glasses / headset). Thus, the “real reality” is displayed and perceived simultaneously in a computer-generated, interactive virtual environment – in real time. All this is difficult to compare with already existing 3D technologies and even harder to describe – it’s best to experience it yourself.

The PALFINGER XR app allows us to take advantage of this advanced technology. A selection of our Lifting Solutions can already be experienced virtually via the App:

  • Loader Crane: PK 135.002 TEC7 and PK 37.002 TEC7
  • Epsilon: Q17Z
  • Access Platforms: P 370 KS
  • Hookloader & Skiploader: PS T 14 TEC
  • Taillift: MBB C 1500L

In addition, the new PALFINGER Crawler Crane PCC 115.002, Epsilon M12Z and the hookloader PH T 20 TEC will also be integrated into the XR app in the near future.

Big benefit for sales

Another feature of the new app is the interaction of digital and analogue presentations. All current product- and service videos are digitally stored in our analog product brochures in the form of a video marker. This means, that these markers can be easily scanned, using the camera of your mobile device, via the XR app and the associated product or service video is automatically started. This makes it easy to connect digital and analog presentation tools.

The PALFINGER XR App is available for free on all popular mobile devices in the Google Play Store and IOS App Store.

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