PALfit Global Running Days – Doing good together

PALfit Global Running Days – Doing good together

When 600 employees at many PALFINGER locations run individually but all for the same purpose, then the result is definitely something to be proud of. 

During our PALfit Global Running Days in October, our employees managed to run a total amount of 64,801.8 kilometers (you can compare this to running around the world 1.6 times). That makes an average of 108 kilometers per runner. 

Ten cents per kilometer 

This is good for fitness and it also serves a good reason. The PALFINGER Board decided to donate ten cents to the global aid organization “Doctors Without Borders/Médicines Sans Frontières” for each kilometer run during the PALfit Global Running Period – This is in total 6,500 euros. 

Increase health and well-being 

In addition to this beneficial side effect, the main focus was on promoting employee health through moderate endurance training. For over 15 years, PALFINGER has been actively committed to increase the physical and mental well-being of its employees. The Global Running Days are just one of many attractive offers that PALfit develops and makes possible. 

Additional offers 

In times of the corona pandemic, PALfit also focuses on expanding online exercise courses and work management coaching. With the help of digital solutions, our colleagues can be reached everywhere – in the office, in the production facilities or from home. 

Fit at work, healthy in life 

“It is very important to us to motivate our employees to take part in healthy physical activity that strengthens the immune system. The global PALfit Running Days connected employees around the world. The fact that we can also support an aid organization in this way makes this campaign even more valuable, “commented the Head of Corporate Health Management at PALfit, Claudia Eigenherr-Tschugmell. 

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