Night shift in Leipzig: Everything well on track

Night shift in Leipzig: Everything well on track

Over 120,000 passengers and more than 1,300 trains every day – Leipzig main station is not only considered one of the largest and most attractive terminus stations in Europe, it is also one of the most important transport hubs in Germany. To keep it running at peak performance, regular maintenance and modernization work is carried out quickly, precisely and without interrupting the timetable. This is a task that needs a specialist who knows what they are doing: The PCC 71.002.

Versatile and precise

And yet, the crawler crane made by PALFINGER is not a railway crane at all. The world market leader for innovative crane and lifting solutions offers specially developed products for railway applications. But taking into consideration the requirements of the trade fair city in Saxony, it is ideal, explains René Wirthgen from STRABAG Rail. “We chose the PALFINGER crawler crane because it guarantees us the versatility we need for these special jobs,” he emphasizes.

Stable and self-stabilizing

The PCC 71.002 is so versatile that the overhead lines do not have to be completely dismantled. That makes things much easier. The crane unit and the crawler gear are delivered separately on a flat wagon. The highlight, however, are the telescopic stabilizers that the crane unit extends to compensate for level differences of up to eight degrees. The H‑shaped frame ensures optimum stability, lifting force and support, and it can be positioned freely. In addition, the crawler crane can easily lift the masts to be dismantled thanks to its extendable knuckle boom and fly jib.

Barrier and obstacle free

That’s not all by a long way. The crane’s arm geometry allows it to reach and lift loads in places that are difficult to access. This makes it easier to operate in difficult locations, such as underneath or between overhead lines. In addition, the PALcom P7 remote control enables the crane operator to steer around barriers and obstacles with precision.

Nothing throws the PCC 71.002 off track

During its night-time operations at the DB construction site, the PCC has another impressive feature: it can be operated without emissions and at low noise levels, which makes it ideal for working on noise-sensitive inner-city job sites. The PCC 71.002 delivers all the technical capabilities. “Excavators and smaller equipment would never have managed to remove the many heavy masts within the allotted time,” explains Wirthgen. Thanks to the crawler crane, STRABAG Rail can stick to the modernization timetable.

About STRABAG Rail

STRABAG Rail is an international railway construction company and part of the STRABAG SE Group. With more than 90 years of experience, STRABAG Rail provides valuable input for planning railway construction projects and sets standards in terms of quality when it comes to implementation.

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