Respecting Limits – The Communication on Progress Report for the UN Global Compact

Respecting Limits – The Communication on Progress Report for the UN Global Compact

PALFINGER published its communication on progress report for the UN Global Compact (UNGC) for the fourth time. We therefore commit to contribute to its 10 principles. the topics consist of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the prevention of corruption.


Since 1999, the United Nations Global Compact is the world’s largest initiative for sustainability. It is aimed at not only shaping globalization more socially, but also more ecologically. Companies can commit to the 10 universal principles and support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In an annual progress report companies can present how the implementation of measures look in particular.


PALFINGER has joined the UNGC since 2013. Every year we publish our progress report on our website and thus show our continuing commitment to the initiative.

The individual topics of the progress report are briefly presented in the following.

Human Rights

As a „responsible employer”, PALFINGER considers human rights violations intolerable. Not only are such violations in contradiction with our corporate values – entrepreneurship, learning and respect – but are also harmful to the economy, and consequently also to us. Measures include the protection of human rights, the health and safety of employees as well as our product users.


The following „human rights“ aspects are an integral part of the PALFINGER Code of Conduct: prohibition of child labour, free choice of employment, prohibition of discrimination, freedom of association, as well as health and safety. For all those aspects we set ourselves measures. Labour standards as a topic is covered in the sustainability area “responsible employer”.


Energy efficiency and climate protection are top priorities for PALFINGER throughout the entire production process. PALFINGER is aware of its environmental responsibility. And, in its own interest, has set itself the goal of always being economical and efficient in its use of resources. We consider the minimization of energy consumption, costs and emissions throughout the entire life cycle of products and the maximization of safety in product use as material. All of these aspects as well as measures are implemented in the two sustainability areas of “Eco-efficiency in Production” and “Sustainable products”.


Profitability, included in the fourth sustainability area „Fair Business“, is reflected in the goal of generating a profit and recording sustainable, profitable growth. Topics such as the Code of Conduct, corruption prevention, the Integrity Line and fair taxation are some of the priorities here. To PALFINGER, corruption is intolerable from a moral point of view. It contradicts to our corporate values, harms the economy and consequently also PALFINGER. Measures include the topics of business ethics and compliance with legal and ethical standards

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You would like to read our Communication Progress Report for the UN Global Compact? Then click on the picture to the left.

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