SDG series | SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

SDG series | SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

The blog series continues with SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth. It is committed to attractive employment and the future viability of business models. PALFINGER supports this goal with five material sustainability topics.

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

This blog article is about SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth. This development goal has the following task:

”To promote durable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, productive full employment and decent work for all”

Durable and economic growth – in combination with low unemployment and decent work – is an important goal for all countries. At the same time, exploitation and violations of labour rights are big issues in some countries.

As a company, one can contribute to the SDG 8 by

  • respecting decent working conditions for all employees throughout the supply chain;
  • providing education and training at the workplace, in the market and in the community;
  • promoting economic growth and productivity through investment in research and development.

You can learn more about this goal on the following website:

PALFINGER’s contribution to SDG 8

The future viability of the business model has a high priority at PALFINGER and thus contributes to economic growth. Relevant trends are actively tracked and integrated. Equally important to us is to ensure an attractive employment that is based on a lived corporate culture and values. This includes legal and ethical standards as well as training opportunities for our employees

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We address the SDGs with four sustainability areas: Responsible Employer, Eco-efficiency in Production, Sustainable Products and Fair Business. SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth is served by the areas of ‘Responsible Employer’ and ‘Fair Business’. PALFINGER can make a direct contribution with five material sustainability topics:

Viability of the business model

PALFINGER ensures that its business model is long-term and future-oriented and that it actively pursues trends.

PALFINGER aims to continue the profitable growth course. With our new vision, we took the first step towards the future. The new fourth strategic pillar ‘PALFINGER 21st’ will focus on digitalization. With the expanded segment of Marine, a second mainstay is being built. In addition, the ecological and social goals along the entire value chain are constantly being renewed and expanded.

Employee development

PALFINGER promotes the training and further education of its employees and prepares them for changes in the working world at an early stage.

The fact that education and training has a high priority for us is illustrated by the point „learning“ in our core values. This core value is reflected in apprenticeship training, training programs and cooperation with local educational institutions. PALFINGER trains experts internationally through a specially developed programme and enables employees to work abroad temporarily, for example in order to develop further and gain new experiences.

Attractive employment

PALFINGER is regarded as an attractive employer for whom employees are important and who creates internal development opportunities.

The motivation, qualification, health and safety of our employees are the prerequisite for our success. Therefore, the well-being of our employees is very important to us. We offer existing and future employees attractive jobs with exciting and meaningful work content. Additional benefits provide advantages to our employees. In 2017, a new HR strategy and employee goals were defined. The HR strategy 2020 takes into account the new requirements for employees, organization and personnel management.

Corporate culture and values

PALFINGER employees, especially executives, live by the corporate culture and act based on our values – entrepreneurship, respect and learning.

„We value people. People create value.“ is the basis of our corporate culture. PALFINGER’s goal is a corporate culture that brings employees from all 70 different nations together and that is characterized by a respectful treatment of diversity and differences. The further development of our corporate culture should contribute to increasing transparency. The future focus is on the communication of our values and the vision of PALFINGER.

Compliance with legal and ethical standards

PALFINGER acts ethically correct: laws are complied with, taxes are paid correctly and corruption is counteracted.

Human rights violations and corruption are seen as morally unacceptable to PALFINGER. They contradict corporate values and harm the economy – and therefore also ourselves
. For compliance adherences, we have introduced a code of conduct obligatory for all PALFINGER employees, business partners, suppliers and dealers since 2010. Corporate audits are also carried out in the companies of the PALFINGER Group. The further development of the corporate audit approach is constantly being evaluated and adapted.

Find out more in our Integrated Annual Report 2017.

LIFTING SUSTAINABILITY. Shaping the future. Living responsibility.

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