Shaping Tomorrow

Shaping Tomorrow

Worldwide, PALFINGER plants are taking measures to safeguard the health and welfare of their employees, production is up and running again in many places, and orders in the last months have been good. So, despite the Coronavirus, are things back to normal? Are things back on track?

No, they are not! This pandemic has changed our lives fundamentally! We are feeling its backlash, both personally as well as professionally. Life will never be what it once was before CoVid-19. The same goes for PALFINGER. What we’ve experienced in the last months has left its mark on our organization, through and through. Changes have occurred to our workflows and structure. But, new insights have also been gained!

A New Chapter

For the time being, in Europe and Asia, the health crisis is largely over. But we still cannot rest easy. The virus has hit the global economy with full force. It is now time to address the economic repercussions. This phase is going to be much more challenging than anything we have ever experienced.

The good news is that PALFINGER is well positioned to meet these upcoming challenges. Thanks to its strong leadership, the appropriate decisions were made quickly. Due to that, we’ve been able to master the recent weeks of the crisis quite well. Together we’ll also cope well in the coming months. Because we have numerous strengths. Perhaps the most important is the GLOBAL PALFINGER ORGANIZATION (GPO), which was already implemented last year. It has already passed its first test!

Quick, Bold Decision Making

Our new organizational structure ensures that information is readily available and therefore enables us to be proactive. That has been the key to our success during the pandemic ; being up to date has empowered management to be flexible yet quick in making the right decisions.

This expertise has helped us in the current phase and is going to assist us in breaking new ground in internally in the next phase. Work routines have changed and priorities are being reassessed. A different kind of work environment is evolving and we’ve already begun preparing for it.

Successful Communication, Virtually!

For the first time, at April 2020´s Extended Global Team Meeting (eGTM), 150 top, international PALFINGER managers gathered virtually. The vast number of networking participants were able, via video call, to take part in workshops and in a panel discussion and successfully swap experience and knowledge. Meetings like this for better coordination will be much more frequent in future – however virtual not physical.

PALFINGER CEO Andreas Klauser sums things up by saying, “We are driving through a storm by sight only. We are trying to keep on the road, and we are moving through dense fog. What is happening around us is uncertain – and, more dangerously, delayed. But we are keeping on course and we are going to succeed.” In the coming months, it is vital to remain flexible and be ready to make decisions quickly and boldly.


This is both a challenge and an opportunity in one. Legendary Formula One racer Ayrton Senna once said: “You cannot overtake 15 cars in sunny weather, but you can when it’s raining.” That’s the PALFINGER approach: to not only manage the situation, but to use it to shape tomorrow for PALFINGER and its customers.

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