Solutions for specialists

Solutions for specialists

The local service that we offer to customers is one of our greatest strengths. By working closely together with our customers and users, we are in a position to develop and offer the best solutions. Through the PALFINGER network, consisting of over 5,000 sales and service partners worldwide, we are in close contact with our customers at all levels.

This gives our customers the advantage that PALFINGER can react to their demands quickly and without delay

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. Even more, it guarantees that their constructive criticism and knowledge are directly incorporated into PALFINGER’s development work. That is how to take good things and make them even better.

Making Use of Potential

Only those who know the challenges that the future will bring can develop outstanding solutions. We make the most of whatever potential we can in doing this. We do so to develop the smart solutions of the future that will make everyday working life easier, will have an enduring influence on how we work and will open up new areas of business. 

Modules developed in house, such as LOAD for load detection, GEOM for length measurement and FSTAB for detecting the stabilization force, already work together in a way that is truly state-of-the-art in models from the TEC series, making full use of the loader cranes’ lifting power. This is one example of how digitalization can help our working environment to develop for the better.

Lifetime Excellence

This is technology leadership as PALFINGER understands and lives it: innovative, reliable and cost-effective lifting solutions that generate added value for our customers throughout their entire life cycles. In short, PALFINGER LIFETIME EXCELLENCE. PALFINGER lent weight to this standard in the 2019 business year alone, with an R&D rate of 3.1%, with direct and user-oriented research and development.

Full Focus on Local Requirements

PALFINGER is now launching a truck-mounted forklift (TMF) on the North American market that has been developed exactly with local requirements in mind. Its appearance on the market is strengthened by the sales partnership agreement concluded with Canada’s Falcon Equipment in 2019. This will allow PALFINGER to expand its footprint in a highly promising market, while proximity to Canadian and US customers will make it possible to develop even better solutions – solutions for specialists.

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