Weather-proof and storm-tested

Weather-proof and storm-tested

An ecofriendly approach plays an important role not only in the way we fulfill our orders but also in our general attitude. After all, focusing on solutions and working sustainably helps us to achieve our goals.

The coast of Normandy is a windy place. Very, very windy. And that’s all thanks to the Atlantic, which hits the European mainland here in violent gusts. But this offers ideal conditions for not only sailors and surfers, but also offshore wind farms like the one lying off Fécamp. Here, at distances of between 13 and 20 kilometers from the coast, 71 wind turbines are being erected and will generate zero-emissions electricity for 770,000 people when they enter service in 2023. Day in, day out.

Making its presence known

PALFINGER is there to help. During the process of installing and commissioning the wind turbines, 71 of our trusty PF14000-4.5 LDB davit cranes are lifting materials and tools from the supply ship onto the construction platform. The weather-proof and storm-tested cranes will be used for routine inspection and maintenance work throughout the entire service lives of the turbines. They can also spring into action if emergency evacuations are required. “This project is a significant boost to our activities in the European offshore wind industry,” says sales manager Nikolaj Bæk Rosenkrantz.

Positive impact

What’s more, Fécamp demonstrates just how important sustainability is to PALFINGER. “Thinking and acting in a sustainable manner is crucial to our success,” maintains PALFINGER CEO Andreas Klauser. “That’s why we take social, ecological and economic responsibility.” PALFINGER is conscious of its impact. Understanding the need to take responsibility for it has deep roots at the company.

Clear targets

This is why PALFINGER has established professional sustainability management at all levels, which involves not only analyzing the areas of “eco-efficient production,” “sustainable products,” “responsible employer” and “doing business fairly,” but also formulating ambitious sustainability targets. In addition to targets for diversity and health, the issue of environmental and climate protection is one of the top priorities. By 2022, 75% of the energy that the company uses is to be derived from renewable sources. By 2030, energy efficiency is to be increased by 30 percentage points, hazardous waste reduced by 30 percentage points and CO2 emissions cut by a quarter.

Comprehensive systems and services

Fewer emissions are assured partly as a result of e-Drive, an in-house development from PALFINGER for electric cranes. This allows work to be carried out in inner cities in the early mornings and late into the night, with zero emissions and almost no noise, both on narrow streets and alleyways and also right outside hospitals or even inside buildings. This puts the company firmly one step ahead of the competition in a way that pays off for our customers and partners as well as for the cause of protecting the climate, and it is just one example among many sustainable innovations. “Our goal,” according to Andreas Klauser, “is to do what we do well even better and to offer our customers comprehensive systems and services.”

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