Sustainability Series 4/4: Sustainable Products

Sustainability Series 4/4: Sustainable Products

As a grown family business, PALFINGER has been engaged in the topic of sustainability for many years. It is viewed as an interdisciplinary matter that has been genuinely incorporated into the various areas of the company as a matter of course. Already for 2003/2004, the first sustainability report was published by PALFINGER. In March we started a four-part blog series in order to introduce our various sustainability fields: Responsible Employer, Fair Business, Eco-Efficiency in Production and Sustainable Products

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. The final blog post is dedicated to the theme of “Sustainable Products”.

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Shaping the future

Living responsibility.


PALFINGER customers should benefit from our lifting solutions in a sustainable manner – this is only possible with high quality, durable and reliable products, which at the same time also ensure a high level of security. Innovation is particularly promoted in the areas of energy efficiency during product use, alternative motors and reduction of operating supplies. Continuously lowering service costs while at the same time extending the longevity of its products remains one of PALFINGER’s top priorities. A contribution to sustainability is therefore made by the low-maintained and weight-optimized lifting solutions, which reduce weight and thus fuel consumption. These technical, economic and ecological aspects influence the perception and positioning of the PALFINGER brand as a quality leader.

Research and development

Research, development and innovations contribute to the sustainability of the PALFINGER business model, accordingly we constantly invest in this area. Not only the economic advantage for the customer is paid attention to, but also environmental and social issues are being focused on. As already mentioned, innovations in this context are placed on the following topics:

  • Energy efficiency during product use,
  • Alternative motors,
  • Reduction of operating supplies,
  • Continuously lowering service costs,
  • Extending longevity.

Particularly our future lifting solutions for high-tech markets will increasingly undergo a development from electronic systems into intelligent and networked systems. PALFINGER will maintain to be one of the pioneers of these developments, and made substantial investments in 2015 in this product intelligence. The path of Industry 4.0 will be further continued in the years to come.

Product safety

PALFINGER products distinguish themselves by their high security. Preventing accidents in the application exceed legal requirements at PALFINGER. In 2015 an innovative use of loader cranes was developed: the “fall protection mode”. It secures people performing work at height in a quick and simple manner. We received an innovation award in 2016 for this personal fall protection mode.

PALFINGER’s lifting solutions comply with all relevant safety standards. In an international context, we orient ourselves on European standards. In particular this often exceeds the local minimum standards in the Asian, Arabic and African region. All our products are tested for their impact on health and safety and therefore steadily improvement potential is realized and implemented.

All incidents with our products, in which people get hurt and are known within the company, are checked by us – irrespective of fault. The accident-relevant information will be evaluated internally, adaptions make our products even safer in the future. Unfortunately in 2015, the number of reported accidents, which led to injuries of varying degree or even fatality, has increased in the applications of our lifting solutions.

Efficient and environmental-friendly products

In terms of efficient and environmental-friendly products, innovations in 2015 mainly focused on:

  • light construction,
  • electric drives and
  • partially on-demand control of the engine performance.

Weight savings in our products not only reduce material usage and decrease fuel consumption while driving, but also allow the vehicles to transport higher payload. Alternative drive systems offer new energy efficient solutions without local emissions. For two years already PALFINGER has hybrid drives, which allow the electro-hydraulic, almost noiseless and emission-free crane operation. Summarizing, our products stand out in their application because of their low energy and resource use. Measured over their lifecycles, they are the most economical solutions available.

PALFINGER products in application for people and the environment

Our existing product portfolio also covers market opportunities in which our lifting solutions can serve both the environment and social purposes. For example, railway systems facilitate rail transport, offshore cranes are installed in wind energy plants and timber cranes are used in forestry, for biomass handling or in the field of recycling. Furthermore, PALFINGER access systems make it easier for wheelchair-bound passengers to access means of public transport, such as buses.

Coverbild_InternetAre you interested to find out more? Then have a look into our Annual Integrated Report. Starting at page 84, you can learn more about PALFINGER’S “Sustainable Products”.

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