TEC-Range: built from our best ideas – HPSC-PLUS

As an innovation leader, PALFINGER is offering state-of-the-art loader cranes with the new TEC-range. The proved High Performance Stability Control (HPSC) is enhanced by three add-on modules to create HPSC-Plus. What does that mean for our customer? An even better performance combined with maximum stability.

HPSC (High Performance Stability Control) is a fully proportional system that ensures stability of the loader crane even where space is restricted. The right dimensioning of the stabiliser system ensures maximum performance of the crane, when the outriggers are fully extended on both sides. If they cannot be fully extended on one or both sides, the performance of the crane has to be reduced to ensure stability.

HPSC calculates the permissible working range to create a ‘stability curve’ for any boom system position and any stabiliser situation. Sensors for proportional path measurement in the stabilisers allow variable stabiliser positioning, giving additional flexibility for work tasks with the loader crane. The current stabiliser status can be seen at any time on the radio remote control or directly on the crane itself.

Maximum Performance Thanks to Precise Stability Calculation

Crane models of the TEC-range offer three add-on modules which use additional parameters such as the inclination (HPSC-Plus LOAD), position of the extension boom system (HPSC-Plus GEOM) or the stabiliser force (HPSC-Plus FSTAB), for those specific tasks where it is necessary. With the help of these add-on modules, it is possible to use the actual value for calculation of the stability curve. This significantly increases the outreach and total performance of the loader crane, which enables the customer to utilise every last centimetre of the working range.

HPSC-Plus LOAD: More Outreach Thanks to Load Detection

HPSC-Plus LOAD reacts to the truck’s loading as it uses the inclination of the crane as a basis for calculating the maximum load limit for the given situation. This parameter allows to maximise outreach in case of restricted space for stabilising and for separable loads, which results in optimal utilisation of the working range. HPSC-Plus LOAD is available for cranes of the model lines TEC 5 and TEC 7.

HPSC-Plus GEOM: More Lifting Power due to the Length Measurement System

The HPSC-Plus GEOM module for TEC 7 crane models precisely calculates the centre of gravity of the extension boom system. This is possible due to a length measurement system in the extensions of main boom, knuckle boom and fly jib. Knowledge of the position of the extension boom system leads to knowledge of the tilting moment – stability is still guaranteed while the lifting moment is maximised for the particular situation. HPSC-Plus GEOM is primarily used in difficult stabiliser situation, where space is restricted and the boom system isn’t fully extended.

HPSC-Plus FSTAB: Enhanced Performance thanks to Stabiliser Force Detection

With HPSC-Plus FSTAB, sensors in the stabiliser cylinders determine the actual force on the stabiliser system, which can help when additional stabilisers or a ballast weight are used. This can boost the performance of the crane, especially with low stabiliser widths and high loadings – for example, large and heavy loads which have to be placed next to the vehicle. This module, too, is available for models of the TEC 7 model line.

Maximum performance for any application

The innovative modular system enables an intelligent and customised stability control and, as a result, optimal utilisation of the working range. In practice, this means that our customers can work more flexibly and efficiently, while always staying on the safe side.

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