TEC-range: built from our best ideas – P-Fold

TEC-range: built from our best ideas – P-Fold

When we at PALFINGER talk about TEC, we talk about innovative assistance systems that improve the operator friendliness. Our P-Fold system, which is available for TEC 7 cranes, proofs that this comfort is not only noticeable during operations itself. Also, the process of folding and unfolding the crane is made easy for the operator – thanks to P-Fold.

With P-Fold, the loader crane gets into its intended working position quickly and safely. Due to the PALcom P7, our in-house designed radio remote control, the loader crane can be unfolded semi-automatically until a pre-defined position is reached – just by moving one control lever. Therefore, the crane can immediately be put from the transport position into the ready-to-use working position.

P-Fold –set up with fingertip movement

But what exactly is the benefit for the crane operator? P-Fold does not only provide convenience for the operator, it also prevents the carrier vehicle, the load, the loader crane and rope from being damaged during the set-up. Additionally, the reduced set-up time brings an economic benefit as well.

P-Fold and RTC – a perfect interaction

P-Fold is not only able to regulate the folding process of the loader crane itself, also in combination with a fly jib or rope winch the semiautomatic setting up isn’t a problem. This is enabled through the automatic rope tensioning device RTC (Rope Tension Control), which ensures that the rope length is automatically adjusted for each crane movement

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. In this way, it is no longer necessary for the crane operator to adjust the rope manually.

PALcom P7 – fatigue-free operation

The ergonomic design of the PALcom P7 radio remote control makes the operator’s work effortless, allowing him to maintain complete concentration even in the most challenging situations. It furthermore enables the use of a variety of innovative assistance systems. In addition to P-Fold, our latest assistance systems MEXT (monitors mechanical extensions) and WEIGH (weighing loads) are based on the functions of the radio remote control.

In addition to the visual feedback from the large color display, the P7 also provides acoustic and haptic signals. This enables the crane operator to have an overview of the overall situation at any time.

Do you want further information about all the features TEC cranes offer? Then check out our previous blog articles about P-Profile, rope winch and HPSC-Plus.

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