TEC-Range: Built from our best ideas – the P-PROFILE

TEC-Range: Built from our best ideas – the P-PROFILE

When we say TEC, we mean cutting-edge technology and maximum comfort thanks to assistance systems and across-the-board innovation

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. With TEC, PALFINGER is going far beyond the standard.

And that’s exactly what PALFINGER has done with the patented P-profile. For crane models of the TEC range, the tear-drop shape has replaced the classic hexagonal profile, as known from the SLD range. But this is not just some aesthetic gimmick, for the design is the result of the increasing importance of functionality: form follows function. The special tear-drop shape increases the torsional strength of the entire extension boom system – including the fly jib – and also enables an extremely lightweight design. So as you can see, innovation is not exclusively the domain of digitalization, but can also be found in steel construction, too.

But what makes the P-profile special? Not only is it especially lightweight and high in torsional strength, which helps to improve the transportability, robustness and service life of cranes. Also, it is extremely low-maintenance because it does not need to be lubricated between service intervals. Thanks to sliding elements made of special plastic (with self-lubricating properties) in combination with the tried-and-tested KTL coating, the boom system is not only exceptionally service- and environmentally friendly, but also extremely cost-effective in daily use: no contamination of the working area or cargo by dripping lubricant, no additional lubrication, a longer service life and reduced wear. And last but not least, it is also an elegant piece of design that emphasises the innovative appearance of the TEC cranes.

The P-profile is used on all models of the TEC range. A successful concept from PALFINGER that combines safety, performance, environmental protection, comfort, intelligence and design.

You want even more information about the TEC range? Then check out the article about the rope winch here.

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6 Kommentare

  1. When will the PK 110000 range crane be updated with the tec7 p profile . Im looking for a crane in that range for next spring but dont want to buy a 110000 right before a new model comes out……
    135 tec 7 is just a bit to big for the application we want.

    • Hi Matthew!

      Sorry for the belated answer, it seems like we missed your comment in the first place. Regarding your question: As a driver of innovation and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lifting solutions, we continuously improve our current product range and constantly launch new innovations. For this reason, we will also expand our TEC-range over the next few years. Be assured that we will communicate it – at least – 6 months prior to the launch date on our Social Media channels, the official PALFINGER website and at relevant trade fairs – so stay tuned!

      Best regards,
      PALFINGER Social Media Team

    • Hi Daniel!

      Thank you for your question and the interest in our products. We are planning to start the production of the new PK 58.002 TEC 7 in 2020. Be assured that we will communicate it on our Social Media channels, the official PALFINGER website and at relevant trade fairs once we have more detailed information! Thank you for your understanding.

      Best regards

      Anna Firsova
      Product Manager
      Loader Cranes EMEA

    • Hello Patrick!

      Thanks for your comment and your interest in our products. We don’t have any information about plans for the release of a TEC 7 in your requested size. As soon as there are new models it is going to be communicated.

      your PALFINGER Social Media Team

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