TEC-Range: Built from our best ideas – the rope winch

TEC-Range: Built from our best ideas – the rope winch

The TEC range is a figurehead of innovation when it comes to PALFINGER loader cranes and presents also a unique experience for users in terms of convenience. The fact that the user is always the focus of PALFINGER’s innovations is clear to see not only in the variety of assistance systems, but also in details that seem insignificant at first glance, such as the rope winch.

A second look reveals that use of the rope winch significantly improves cost-effectiveness. In many cases, this makes the winch one of the most important equipment for the knuckle boom crane. Therefore, during the design process, special attention was paid to lifting capacity, speed and optimum winding behaviour. This ensures at all times that the rope winch can be started up even under full load (maximum starting torque), with rope speeds that exceed conventional winches by 50 per cent, with rope lengths of up to 90 metres and even when using a fly jib.

Smart assistance systems bring added value

In addition, for models of the TEC range, sophisticated assistance systems are transforming the winch into an intelligent tool that maintains a constant distance between the pulley head and hook block with every crane movement (SRC) or automatically keeps the rope in tension during the process of folding and unfolding the crane (RTC) . This not only increases efficiency and flexibility during use, but also minimises wear and tear, which helps the entire crane system to retain its value.

The Power Link rope winch is not mounted directly on the main boom, but on a hinged bracket which is brought from transport to working position hydraulically, using a tilt cylinder. The linear cylinder movement is redirected via an linkage system – the Power Link. Easy operation via radio remote control and the particularly compact design enable all manner of applications, even inside buildings. The interaction of the Power Link rope winch, RTC and P-Fold allow the crane to be folded and unfolded with the movement of one lever – with only a fingertip movement

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RTC – Rope Tension Control

The Rope Tension Control (RTC) system is an automatic rope tensioning device that helps to fold and unfold the crane. If any crane movements that affect the rope length are performed, the innovative system automatically adjusts the rope length to match. The RTC system is controlled by the PALTRONIC of the PALFINGER crane as soon as the rope is clamped into the rope fixing point and secured via a rope securing bolt. This avoids rope damage and the crane operator is free to focus all attention on the process of folding and unfolding the crane, without having to remove the rope in the meantime.

SRC – Synchronised Rope Control

The Synchronised Rope Control (SRC) automatically adjusts the rope length and maintains a constant distance between the pulley head and hook block during rope lengthening or shortening crane movements. Sensors in the pulley head detect the movement and forward the signals directly to the PALTRONIC – even when a fly jib is used. The crane operator now just has to control the crane while the rope moves with it, as if by itself. Ultimately, it is the seamless interaction between mechanical and electronic components – the mechatronics – that has been for years ensuring maximum user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness in PALFINGER’s innovative rope winch technology.

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