Thanks for riding the train!

Thanks for riding the train!

Travelling by train means saving CO2 and the ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen, English: Austrian railways) has drawn our attention to the fact that we – the Palfinger AG – have made a good contribution to environmental protection. The employees of the PALFINGER Headquarters in Austria have travelled so often by rail that 11.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions were saved in 2017. It is difficult to imagine what exactly this reduction means. I would therefore like to give a few specific examples:

  • 11.3 tonnes = appr. 5.1 million kilometres of train rides
  • 11.3 tonnes = appr. 6 households heat water and living space throughout the year
  • 11.3 tonnes = appr. 11 households are supplied with electricity
  • 11.3 tonnes = appr. 31 large trees provide their annual filter performance
  • 11.3 tonnes = appr. 11 round flights from Zurich to the Canary islands

Even if it does not seem like much, it still contributes to climate protection! Every little step is a step in the right direction.

Hannes Roither, spokesperson of the PALFINGER Group, is a frequent traveller due to his work in the company. He owns the ÖBB annual pass for 15 years

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”I really like travelling by train. The flexible and fast connection between Salzburg and Vienna is very attractive for me, especially because I can use the train journey for work. I come to my destination stress-free and uncomplicated and can make a considerable contribution to the environment. Win-win in many ways.” – Hannes Roither

Many thanks to all employees who regularly use the train for their business trips in Austria! It would be a nice goal next year to save even more CO2 emissions with the help of rail travel. :-)

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