The Energy Saving Day: Energy Management in Lengau

The Energy Saving Day: Energy Management in Lengau

March 5th 2017 marks the 16th anniversary of the Energy Saving Day

On the occasion of this event, industries, politicians and consumers should be reminded that worldwide there is still a huge potential to save energy. and that everybody can do one’s bit to promote improvements.

Energy Management at the PALFINGER site in Lengau

The plant Lengau is situated in Upper Austria, Austria and is one of PALFINGER´s largest production site. As usual at PALFINGER, energy management also plays an important role at this site. Climate change and the improvement of our competitiveness are our biggest drivers.

What do we do?

To continuously contribute to energy reduction, a lot of steps have been taken since the 2011 introduction of our Energy Management System according to ISO 50001 in Lengau. The first fully electric vehicle for employee transport is one of our most recent successful projects. For 2017, we are planning to install a photovoltaic system. With this acquisition, we will then have all of the current technologies in the energy sector fully covered.

As Lengau is one of our sites with the highest energy consumption, it quickly led us to the realization that introducing a complete energy consumer documentation is the basis for all further activities. To this end, we introduced a building control system, which we upgrade on a routine basis

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. For the first time, we were able to apportion the total energy consumption better and monitor it on a continuous basis. The continuous analysis enables us to get to the bottom of deviations immediately and analyse them. With the aid of a newly acquired energy meter to meet the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Act, the power consumers are now systematically measured and analysed.

Through our activities at the site, we have succeeded in lowering energy consumption. By 680,000 kWh per year as far as electricity is concerned and by 2,000,000 kWh per year for natural gas. In comparison, the annual average consumption of an Austrian 4 persons household is 4,000 kilowatt hours. In conclusion we were able to save the energy consumption of 170 households with the Lengau site.

Lifting Sustainability. Shaping the future. Living responsibility.

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